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I have a 2009 Honda Accord (V4) and the following instrument lights are on after startup.
TPMS, ABS, VSA, Engine Check Light, Seatbelt Light, Odometer/speedometer not working, Oil Life shows [----]. I have disconnected and reconnect battery. Vehicle runs fine. Check fuses all are good. What could be the problem?
While braking at speeds over 50mph I get violent shaking and vibration; is this normal due to ABS or is it my rotors?
Regular replaced maintenance parts
2. Most of time when turning corner either left or righ at slow speed I hear a "ping" noise. Sometimes but rarely have heard it going over a bump.
Engine idling is high after installation of Weapon R secret SRI
I have 65,000 miles on my car
I have 65,000 on my car
This only happens in reverse.
I have a 2009 accord and I am approaching 30K.
show me how to find oil drain plug and size of plug
show me how to find oil drain plug and size of plug
This is an ex-l version with a navi package. Just started to happen. Dome light switch has two positions. One for setting to go on when door is opened and the other to keep it off at all times. Light does not go off in either position. Is it the door switch?
My 2009 Accord battery keeps dying. They said the battery was fine. ???Only 10
when should fan belt be replaced
I'm not sure I feel comfortable taking my car to an off-brand shop. Why is the Honda dealer just down the road from me not recommended? Did they do something wrong? Are their prices higher?
When can I have my 2009 accord in for this recall ?
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