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I was in a car accident. Hit hard into a curb front axel broke and the tire came off. Slid back tire is bent
the vibration comes and goes, not brakes, also the rpm will go up 500 rpm then back
accord 2008 122k miles
When it idles you can hear a tickin noise from the motor weather it’s hot or cold
When I crank it u can hear a low tickin noise in the motor when I’m driving slow u can still hear it
As we speak my car is at the Honda dealership just got the call it's about $1,700 with labor is this a reasonable cost? I'm going to tears need some answers they're giving me about 30 minutes to make a decision please help thank you.
Batteries are good and the remote does all the other functions. Could this be a fuse?
I followed directions and held the knob down until the oil life was blinking , then released the knob and nothing, it's still at 10%. Just had my oil changed.
How to check alternator is generating voltage or not.
My car all of a sudden start jerking when I was driving it and it wouldn't pull that good check engine light on and I got a code p3400
After I got my Cadillac converter replaced I drove it for about 2 weeks in the check engine light came back on and the other day when I was driving it it cut off completely for about five minutes and then it cut back on I don't know what else can be wrong with the car if I already had the converter replaced
at this mileage does timing belt and water pump need to be replaced
The temperature gauge goes from normal to almost hot
My 2008 Honda LX will not start. The battery has been checked and is fully charged. The terminals were cleaned and tightened and the engine will not turn over. Any suggestions. A friend mentioned there was a recall on the starter, however, I have been unable to find a recall registered with NHTSA.
do you have to replace a timing belt on a 4 cylinder honda accord
the lights and radio work ,but when i turn the key nothing
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