2007 Honda Accord Questions

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The car runs great except for the noisy timing belt tensioner. It's really cold and was wondering if I could still drive without damaging more. The timing belt has been replaced about 20k ago
Flat battery for two month car is not in use
The a/c on the drivers side is blowing hot air and the passenger side is cool not really cold. Had the a/c repaired due to condenser having a hole in it . Worked fine this morning on the way to work but when I went to leave this afternoon this is what I had. Any and all help would be appreciated.

after replacing the power windows master switch on my 2007 Honda accord EX, the windows work fine but now my key less remote doesn't lock or unlock any doors, what is the solution,
Trying to figure out why I have ah airleak by the engine does the car need valve cover gaskets or manifold gaskets
Making clicking noise and pulls left hard also wheel looks offset
When I turn the Ac on only lights are working but there is no air or compressors working effect / the temperature Cold /warm Gauge is working .please advise as this was happening since a month until it suddenly stopped
I removed the captive screws behind the right side of the steering wheel when I replaced the cruise control switch assembly last month. I backed one of them out too far and it fell into the steering wheel. I can sometimes hear it rattling when I turn the wheel, but other times it gets stuck somewhere and the rattling goes away no matter how hard I try to turn the wheel to dislodge it. One time the wheel actually locked up and wouldn't turn to the left because the screw got lodged in there. I had to pull over to the right to rattle it free before I had full steering again. What's the best way to get to this screw out?
Same if right side control is set colder.
When I first started having problems my cd was stuck in the player. The the light went out in the radio. This continued for six months. Then two times I had to get my car jumped and the radio and like came back on. Then last night the radio would not turn off
I changed all mounts and I still have a vibration when I put in gear. Any suggestions?
I lost my remote key and im trying to use my vaket key but the alarm goes off when i unlock it. Even when i start it, it doesnt stop. After 2 minutes it stops but the anti theft lock still blinks what can i do
I have 2007 honda accord. when it is running suddenly engine get off then i start again so it stared again. this is very difficult to stard again and again
Why my car shakes after changing the Lower support arms on both size
Took car to shop for minor repair on the front bumper. After picking the car up and driving for one day the engine light came on. Gas tank will not fill completely. Noted a slight popping noise when put in park to stop.
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