2006 Honda Accord Questions

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I've never had an alignment.
Also, Seat belt light will not go out.
and why is it draining my battery
why it happens when the car is off
why it happens when its parked
causing to denergize my battery and die
Louder when the windows are down (LOL!) best heard on passenger side, heard most of the time but does go away occasionally, no changes from braking or turning. Seems to be coming from the rear. Any ideas?
A routine inspection recommended all three. This has never been done, but the lights have not come on. Should the flush be done? Should I wait for the lights to come on indicating it's time?
the old one busted when i tried lifting it up
The passenger side works fine.
The driver side lock won't unlock/lock when button on key is pressed. All others still lock/unlock. I have to now unlock/lock manually. Anyone have an easy solution without having to take it in to a shop???
2006 honda accord 4cyl. had to replace altenator & some sensor in the fuse box assembly that is dependent on the altenator (that is what I've been told by dealership and second opinion place. $572 later, I used keyless entry, but it didn't work. I had a meeting. When I got back to my car, keyless entry worked- car started up, but clock was blinking and programmed radio stations were gone. Tonight, drove 45 miles. turned off car, forgot something- tried to start car. It was dead. no sign of life when I tried to start it. 3 hours later, and a tow truck- the car started right up and everything acted like it was working. I refused to drive it. Now sitting at mechanic. Please help
does the power steering pump need to be replaced if it is only leaking ?
I purchased my 2006 4 door Accord about a year ago. The car is always loud. It does not seem to have "a problem". It is just really a loud car. Is that normal with Hondas? My 23 year old daughter asked me if I had ever thought about trading it in for a Toyota. OUCH! Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
My right side turn signals will not work. (The left side works fine.) I replaced the bulbs, front and back. I can not find a specific fuse for the turn signals, right or left either.
The hazard switch only flashes on the left side when I turn them on also.
When I turn all the lights on the right front signal light will burn, but will not flash.
On the dash board, the right signal indicator does not come on either.
Air condtioner has not worked in 3 years. How much would it cost to repair it?
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