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I have a 2006 Accord EX 4 cyl with 106,000 miles. It's never been in an accident. Just noticed today that the left turn signal does not come on at all in front or back - no arrow, no light, no flash. Also, when I checked the emergency flasher, it does not come on on the left side. I changed bulb, but it made no difference. Is this a relay issue?
cranks fine but not quite fire.
We thought it was caused by the after market car starter that was installed when I bought the car new in August 2006. It was disconnected this morning.

When leaving this afternoon the radio came on, clock lit up and the fan started......before key insertion. It went off after a few seconds.

I guess it was doing it all night on Sunday and I needed a boost on Monday morning.
I recently required a repair and replacement of a rear main seal on my 2006 Accord on August 10, 2013 at a cost of $930.00. At this time I had approximately 104.5K miles on my automobile. I started noticing oil stains on my garage floor after having power steering kit replacement from a factory recall. This was a proximally at 96,500 miles. At first I thought this was power steering fluid that was leaking from a loose power steering hose fitting. However, to my dismay it was found that this was engine oil and not power stirring fluid. I had this checked out approximately 1.5 weeks after the power steering kit replacement and I was told that there were some droplets of fluid seen around the oil pan. I was also instructed to observe for any increase oil leakage from the car over the course of the next month. It seemed to slow down, however after another thousand miles, more oil was found leaking from the car. The car was brought into the Honda dealership for inspection and was found to have a leaking rear main seal. I asked the service rep if this is something that is common at this mileage. And I assume that it started at approximately 96,000 miles, since this was the first sign of oil leaking noted on my garage floor. Therefore my question is, is this unusual for a rear main seal to becoming faulty at this low mileage or is this commonly found with Honda engines. The service rep did point out that it is somewhat unusual that this would occur at my low mileage. He did state” that usually I see this when there is 130K Miles or more on this model”. Could it be that the rear main gasket was faulty. Or could it also be related to the engine oil breaking down the rubber components of the gasket. In addition I have had my care services at the same dealership for the last 2 years using Honda OEM products including motor oil. Do I have a case with regards to warranty on the drivetrain and that I should report this Honda Motor Corporation. I now have approximately 106K my vehicle and I continue to smell burning motor oil as well a coolant odor. I’m not sure what to make of this unless there is something leaking above regarding seals gaskets however I had my hundred thousand mile maintenance with water pump replacement as well as timing belt and valve adjustment which included new gaskets and there is no other evidence of fluids leaking at this time. I would appreciate your input on this especially if it’s something that I should notify Honda Motor Corporation about. Thank you for your time

Roger Skebelsky
changed alternator, power steering pump still noise coming out? what possibly I have missed out? get worst when u turn steering. Would appreciate any advise.thank you
It is working, I can here the beeps of the buttons. Just cant see anything. Is this an easy fix? possible reset?
belt and the water pump?
I just bought the car from a used car lot and the car was running good and still is but a little yellow wrench came on and I don,t know what means. can u please help me. I need to know as soon as possible
While driving the battery light goes on and the power steering is affected. Battery has been replaced once already.
at what mileage and the age of the car? do we have to get the water pump and the full service or can we just get the belt changed?
great,tran. mounts,only when putting in drive.
Made a terrible clicking sound but did not turn over. Maybe battery? I had it serviced about a month ago and said battery was fine. Car has been sitting a little over a week though. I hope it is not computer issues.
Previously, when my windshield wipers were turned on, they hit the bottom of the windshield each time they went back-and-forth (at intermittent, low, and high settings). A mechanic made an adjustment for free and they now hit the left side of the windshield each time they go back-and-forth. In addition, because of his adjustment, they don’t come to rest all the way down when I turn off the windshield wipers. The windshield wipers’ speed is consistent as they move back-and-forth. And, their speed in any of the three speed settings is the same as when they are working correctly. That is, they’re not moving faster or slower than normal in each setting. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem?

Today is the third time I've brought my car to the shop for his problem. First time they hooked it up to diagnostic and found nothing and light went off. Second time, code indicated that the thermostat had to be replaced which I did. Third time (today) hooked back up to diagnostic and code came back thermostat which has been replaced. Now what?
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