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When I ask what caused the catalytic converter to fail they're telling me that the computer is telling them it failed but they don't know why. What would cause the catalytic converter to fail. I don't want to keep throwing money at this car. I just replaced the engine for $2,100.
but had the battery tested Good and had started tested Good.It will start most of the time. But, sometimes it won't at all so what is it ?
When you turn the a/c on, the whole panel lights up or it may not light up at all, it will be blowing on your face one second and then switches to defrost and in another second switch again. You can press the button and it will go back for a second but then on it own, switches again. I am pretty sure that the guy we bought the car from installed a non factory radio in this car but don't know if that has anything to do with it. Really need to fix this problem because my son can't keep the windows clear which is dangerous
Airbag sensor recall on 2006 honda accord, light came on dash on way to honda dealer. Replaced sensor light still on. Dealer said it would cost $75 to diagnose, but it sounded like a problem that could involve hundreds of dollar. Trying to find some way to reset light on dash.
Is the the motor or could it be something else?
year ago only driver side was cold so recharge it and it was fine. For last week it has had two occasions where makes a hissing noise outside the car I thought it was tired rubbing. Ac got low, so I filled it back up. The compressor is spinning, psi is staying at 35 without lowering, fans are all working, ac clutch is spinning it's just not blowing cold air???
I turned the ignition on and all the lights came on. Motor light, SVC light, gas cap loose light, tool light etc. Smelled a strong smell like something burning. Car went in reverse fine. Put it in Drive and didn't want to go. Then Drive 2, still didn't want to go. Put it in Drive 1 and it would go. Had it towed. Put a new computer in because the old one looked black and melted. Drove it 10 miles with new computer. Same thing happened to $1,000 new computer. Help...Anyone out there who knows what the problem might could be. I love my Honda.
Car is manual transmission, 130,000 miles. In all five gears, the transmission jumps out of gear into neutral when it hits 3000 rpms. Goes easily into gear and drives fine under 3000 rpms in each gear. No odd noises or smells. Am I most likely looking at a pricey transmission failure, or might it be something minor like transmission fluid replacement or clutch issue?
I've recently began to notice this is fairly common with hondas. Dealer Insist he has never seen such a thing. He accused me of moving furniture on the roof of the accord. Pointed to my truck and said; obviously the truck is not capable of performing such a task. Whats my next step...
2006 automatic Accord. 180,000 miles all highway. Car never neglected for service. Check engine light shows 02 sensor malfunction. Major tune up at 150,000 miles. Replaced fuel pump, 02 sensor, checked vtec sensors, mechanic cant find reason for problem. Does not do it when cold, happens 15 minutes on highway when attempting to accellerate, cannot exceed 2500 rmp. Anyone have any suggestions for mechanic to check next?
does this happen to all 2006 models or am i the lucky one
I can disconnect the battery and the power comes back on untill you turn the key to engage the starter then it goes dead again
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