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Navigation and radio same system why doesn't radio work
I had to climb out my window to get out my car and cannot get back in after only the passenger side worked. Now none of the doors, not even the trunk unlock. The power lock kept locking as I pressed unlock when I was inside. The fob won't unlock it or even "lock it" with the horn as reassurance. The physical key doesn't turn in any of the locks. I cannot use my car now for a few days because I can't get into it
will the brakes lock up the next time I use them
My car seems to skip when i drive. It jerks.
Fuses good....both inside & under hood.
Thanks judy
more recently now chirping when car is running
The sound that is made is like a loose pan or loose muffler connection. Because I am not that mechanically knowledgeable, I was wondering what else could be the culprit for me to troubleshoot?
I just bought this car used, and the check engine light came on 5 days later. It dies when idling(at red lights/stop signs, etc.) but cranks just fine.
I tested it with a code reader, and the code led to a rocker arm actuator. Can anyone tell me what this is and how much it would vost to replace?
the power driver;s seat is not working for move "front-back"
but works for tilt "front-back"
and "up-down"
When I ask what caused the catalytic converter to fail they're telling me that the computer is telling them it failed but they don't know why. What would cause the catalytic converter to fail. I don't want to keep throwing money at this car. I just replaced the engine for $2,100.
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