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My power windows won't work and my radio light stop working.
Just trying to find location of this cable. I believe it is yellow. Can't find any pictures showing location.
My car didn't give any warning check engine light goes off and on from time to time...but no shaking ..rattling....oil light battery light nothn...was headed out my yard when it just killed tried to turn key over it attempted to making a little rattling noise then shuts back off ..tried to start it but it won't stay running.
First remote stopped working, replaced battery and still wouldn't work so I opted to locking/unlocking the door manually with the key. Then the front passenger side door stopped locking/unlocking with the driver door button. It has to be locked/unlocked by hand using the button on the door. Soon after the key won't turn anymore to unlock the front driver door. It still works to turn on the engine but if I lock all doors I can't unlock the doors. I don't know whether to take it to a locksmith or electrical mechanic. Any advice on where I should take it?
My Honda civic 2006 ac get cold in the morning and in the evening. But during afternoon it wont get cool until when i accelerate to drive and during that time if i pure water to the condeser and the temperature goes down the ac will start cooling back for a while
My car grinds shifting into 3rd only the other gears are fine shifting into. What could be the problem and the repair cost?
Hello Everyone

I am planning to buy a used car.

These are the options i have please help to figure out the good and the bad one pls .

2005 Honda Accord Sdn EX-L V6 [ Price - 7124 Mileage - 125117]
2010 Honda Accord Sdn LX-P [ Price - 8083 Mileage - 118970]
2008 Honda Accord EX-L Automatic Sedan [ Price - 9089 Mileage - 104663]
2005 BMW 745Li [ Price - 7499 Mileage - 102983]
2007 Honda Accord Special Edition V-6 [ Price - 9589 Mileage - 61150]
2008 BMW 3 Series 328xi Sedan 4D [ Price - 10999 Mileage - 87510]
2006 LEXUS GS 300 4dr Sdn AWD [ Price - 10487 Mileage - 98688]
2008 ACURA RL4-Door Sedan AT [ Price - 10986 Mileage - 89907]
2005 TOYOTA Avalon4dr Sdn Touring (Natl) [ Price - 11487 Mileage - 42570]
2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C320 3.2L V6 AWD [ Price - 8497 Mileage - 119672 ]
2006 LEXUS ES 330 3.3L V6 [ Price - 8495 Mileage - 137060]
2009 Honda Accord LX [ Price - 6600 Mileage - 122453]
2008 Honda Accord EX [ Price - 6600 Mileage - 133000]
2006 Honda Accord EX-L V
Navigation and radio same system why doesn't radio work
I had to climb out my window to get out my car and cannot get back in after only the passenger side worked. Now none of the doors, not even the trunk unlock. The power lock kept locking as I pressed unlock when I was inside. The fob won't unlock it or even "lock it" with the horn as reassurance. The physical key doesn't turn in any of the locks. I cannot use my car now for a few days because I can't get into it
will the brakes lock up the next time I use them
My car seems to skip when i drive. It jerks.
Fuses good....both inside & under hood.
Thanks judy
more recently now chirping when car is running
The sound that is made is like a loose pan or loose muffler connection. Because I am not that mechanically knowledgeable, I was wondering what else could be the culprit for me to troubleshoot?
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