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Do I need to have entire torottle body replaced & at what cost or just the sensor?

I went in for the recall reprogramming and received a "free" inspection. I can understand most of the items, but these 2 are new to me!

can you help

car was scanned and came back problem with shift solenoid a. need to know where it is located and how to fix.

Waht does it mean when the odometer & tackometer bounce periodically?

I have an oil leak and it appears to be coming out of the right side of the engine (front seal?). Could be above that somewhere. If in fact that is where it is coming from, is this fairly common and how difficult is the repair job of I do it myself (I have the Honda service manual) or how expensive if I have it done. The car has 108,000 miles so some of it may be being burned.....I routinly add a quart at about 1,200 to 1,300 mile intervals.

Just had timing belt replaced and was also charged for a serpentine belt. Are there two belts?

abs light is on most of the time, when you put on the brake to stop the steering wheel vibrates basically the whole car does. the brakes were replaced about a year ago, but were told the abs

have just under 100,000 miles and was told I need to replace timing belt and the kit cost $1385

bad vibration when slowly accelerating at certain speeds, 28, 38, 42 mph. Only does this with slow acceleration. Does not occur with heavy acceleration. When vibration occurs and you ease off the gas, vibration stops. Once you get past 45 mph does not occur or at speeds higher. You can feel the vibration in the seat, floorboard and see it in the front end. Tires have been rotated and balanced. Frontend has been aligned

Six months ago the front ACC outlet stopped working, now the console outlet has stopped. Fuses checked and OK. I keep a gang plug plugged in at all times. About 15,000 miles per year. At 85,000 now.

what is the cost to fix it.

The car is parked on our driveway away from the road, and if the doors are locked either with the remote or manually, the alarm goes off from time to time for no reason. It also happens in parking lots; the battery is quite new in both the car and the remote. No-0ne seems able to figure out how to fix it.

My Power Steering pump is making a whining sound, but only when the engine is cold

The fluid in my coolant expansion tank runs low frequently with no visible fluid leak(got to notice recently). Now I dont have coolant in it just water cos my mechanic(saw him yesterday) wants to see if that will happen again(It seems it is still happening). Could d fluid run low from a lack of coolant when weather condition is dry or could a full expansion tank could be emptied in about 10 miles from an internal leak.