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I have a factory alarm and it sets byitself without using remote. And after i unlock car using key the alarm sounds head lights flashing.. Light on dashboard flashing every 3-5 seconds.. But wont reset with remote key and wont dissarm using ignition?.. Whats wrong?. How do i fix?. I am having intermittent issues with doorlock on all doors and passenger front door wont work using automatic driver side master control.. But during all this the car starts and i can drive it.? Please help.

A/C was blowing warm air, intermitten at first, then just warm air. Had a/c compressor, receiver drier, replaced. Worked fine for 3 months, but it didn't seem to get as cool as before. Now hot, and I mean hot air is blowing through the drivers side vents, and the passanger side vents seem to be fine. Does not matter if auto or dual climate is on. Tried to manually use fan & a/c, at different temperatures, does not matter. I've read about the a/c condenser problems, but if this was the case, wouldn't it blow hot through all the vents? I've been told that there is a ambient air temperature sensor located in the front of my vehicle, and this could get damaged or stop working and cause this. Haven't looked at this part yet, but will try. Someone mentioned the air blend door, and I will check this out to. If anyone fixed this problem or has an idea, I'd like to hear it

Past month noticed an oil leak, have been adding oil, no oil light indicating low or no oil. Yesterday car started but shook violently, was too afraid to drive it. Today car will not start - turn ignition and lights are on but will not "turn over".
In addition, there is very little air flow for a/c or heat. Air is cold or hot but cannot adjust the flow of air.

started doing this today. had been working

My check engine light was on last week i had it read at autozone but computer is saying unable to retrieve code. I've continued driving it and yesterday I parked and when I get bk in to leave it won't start. Turn the key and nothing at all. The green d is still on and it goess off. What could it be please help.. Thanks in advance

Bought a can of r134a and the pressure was at 100psi. I know that is too much but how do I fix it and why would it be so high?

I have a 2004 Honda Accord V6. I drove to the store one day and when I got out of the store (approx. 10 mins.), I use the remote to unlock the car, got in and try to start the engine but nothing happen. It was dead. No crank, no radio, could not use my remote lock the car. It's like someone remove the battery while I was in the store. I open the hood and everything looks normal. The battery was there. Slam the hood down, and it started fine. What puzzled me the most is how I was able to unlock the car using my remote and 2 seconds later there is no power. This has happen to me about 3 times in the pass year or so. The last time it happen I was waiting in the drive thru and I turn off the engine while waiting. Again I pop the hood and slam it down and it started. Any idea what's going on?

Anybody know where i can fix my Car stereo for Honda accord 2005 in PLNAO...

Will using a doughnut damage the transfer case on the X drive

my air just blows what it seems like on high constantly. It started doing it out of nowhere.

we just brought the car 2005 accord no hand books

But the dash light does not change from reverse and the car wont start w/ shift handle in netural.

My indicator lights, interior locks, keyless remote and wipers will only work when the drivers door is open. My radio sometimes turns off as well. Sounds crazy but it is true. Does any one know what the problem may be?

car running with no problem if i change transmission fluid now will it mess my transmission up