2005 Honda Accord Questions

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Map lights don't make the clicking sound and don't come on how and what needs to be done

Engine starts and runs fine. After awhile, the idle rpm jumps up to 2000-2500 rpm, where it stays. This will lock out the gearshift and prevent it from going in gear if in PARK, or will accelerate the vehicle if driving. Turn it off and let it sit for an hour, it idles normally. Seems to happen during hot summertime temps. Honda dealer ran diagnostics, and found nothing, since it wasn't doing it at the time.

I took it to my mechanic - he checked Freon and other things not finding anything. Could it be actuator behind the dash? The noise was constant when car was running. I had no trouble with a/c - cooling great. Now it is not cooling the way it should.

I have a 2005 Honda Accord. Engine light, break light, all my lights are on on my dashboard, my radio doesn't work, when I try to crank my car it won't turn over like it's not getting gas up top. What shall I do?

I took my 2005 Accord to a Honda dealership because it was vibrating (it would start at about 20-25 mph then it would stop at higher speeds). They said that I needed to have both front axles replaced. I chose to have aftermarket parts. The shaking continued, so I brought it back the following week. They said that the passenger side axle "failed" and they replaced it. The shaking still continued. I brought it back the following week and they said that they weren't really sure what was wrong. They said that using OEM parts might not solve the problem, and that it might be the transmission but they weren't sure. That was back in August. I started taking my car to another dealership. I paid to have them look at the axles that were installed and they said that they looked ok (weren't loose). I just got my car inspected and was told that the axle seal on the passenger side is leaking bad and they suggested I take it back to the other dealership. I did and they told me that I need a new transmission ($4,088). Is it possible the axle that "failed" caused the damage to my transmission?

What could be the problem.I was told it was a brain box problem. could it be true becos it happened b4 and was corrected

My stock radio turns on and off periodically, the first time the car is started for the day, it's a lot worse, the radio will go on and off consistently, sometimes the CD player will eject on it's own, occasionally there is no sound. It seems as though once the car warms up it doesn't go on and off as much. I heard the problem might be with a faulty ground wire.

they took the fuse that worked attached it to the other three and they went down.

Very motors worked.