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My car won't start the starter is good and I have replaced the ignition switch but it still won't turn over what else could be wrong with it?
The air worked fine on a drive home after I get home it sit for few hours I start it up to go to town and it blows hot air I checked the belt I can turn the clutch by hand I checked the relays
I have replaced VTEC solenoid (which comes with switch). I replace my oil every 3000 miles. Sometimes my car works fine and the engine light shuts itself off. Other times, there is a tinny rattling noise in engine and absolutely no power. When the engine light isn't on, there is a ton of power. I have to shift down to go up hills (more than reasonably so, and only when light is on), but I can't shift as low as I want because when I approach 3000 rpms, it goes into "limp mode" and I REALLY don't like the jerking feeling when that happens. Last time I got codes run, they were p1009, p0116, p2646 and p0011. It has shut the light off itself after oil changes, after getting gas filled, and just at random moments as well. The engine light always comes on when I am going up a hill. I have only had this car for less than 5000 miles and already changed oil twice and replaced solenoid. There must be something BEHIND this issue.
It happend multiple times, when I go for long drive (at least continues 2hours with out stop) after a stop when I restart my car, check engine light is stayed ON. It will be On until I refill gas. After refilling from the second or third drive I see that light go Off. I took car to repair shop onve while light is ON but no codes were traced. I know the solution but not sure why this is occurring every time.
Replacement steps.
V-6 Ex-L options
It JUST came on. Granted, the car is 10 years old!? But what would that mean?
I heard a pop when I made a right turn and then a grinding noise. my car wont go in reserve or drive
Car turned off when I turned on head light and today I was driving and everything shut off for like a second and turned back on well I was driving what can the problem be
Most of the time I turn the key and nothing happens except the P and D indicators on the dash come on together. A moment later the D goes out but it still doesn't start. I replaced the starter but it still the same problem. Any suggestions out there.
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