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Now there is no power to system at all. Just like there is no battery in it. And with key turned on my button to change gears from park to drive, reverse and neutral wont work.
2005 Honda Accord LX (coupe). I cannot open my driver's door from the inside. I have to roll down my power windows and stick my hand outside to open the door to get out. Started having this problem 2 weeks ago. Car is in really good condition and stays service and just now is at 100,000 miles.

Wanted to know what do I need to get it fixed and the cost?
Thank you,
dealer says it's starting to leak
I have a 2005 Honda Accord lx 4 cylinder my driver window and the rear window won't go down or up it's jus stuck the passenger and rear window will go up and down if I press the window switch on there door individually the master power switch dose not work to put any of the 4 windows done I jus replaced the master power switch and still don't work I also replace the window regulator with the motor and it also don't work I also check the fuses and they all work and the windows switch still don't work there power I just guess it not reaching to the door
the cost of a tuneup
My radio was turning and and off intermittently. Then it started making this craking noise. Now it turns on but doesn't make a sound? Does anyone have a solution?
I recently unhooked my battery to have work done on my car .Now that the radio has been reset the cd changer doesnt work .The button that swithches you to the cd player doesnt even acknowledge that it has a cd player .It was working before .
My car had hail damage several years ago which were repaired after filing a claim with my insurance. Up until 3 months ago I parked my car in the garage. I just moved to a place with no covered parking and now, everytime it rains my rear window leaks around the seal and is making the interior get musty. How much is this repair going to cost me?
I got a new radio installed in my 2005 honda accord two weeks ago and now its stalling when i try turning on. What could be causing this problem? Im thinking its cause the radio. It started stalling two days ago. It would stall but with alityle push on gas it would start. I was driving and it died while I was slowing down to make a turn. And now its stalling more that i stopped driving it.
Just changed my o2 sensors(both), and now im getting code P1157
the car wont move it will start but when you press on the gas it just creeps 1-2 miles an hour
Everything test ok
Anytime a/c is turned on, idle gets rough. wants to stall at stop.
while driving with in 10 km the speedo meter goes to zero and all the gear indication lights on.
Back and all but still won't start . battery reads 12V. What else could it be.
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