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Every time I open the driver’s side door handle there is a clicking sound - the noise is coming from the handle itself - like a clicking sound when the handle goes back into position
My 2001 camry just all of a sudden started blowing cold air on the passenger side and warm air on the driver side can u please assist me on fixing this matter at hand.
I recently replaced my 2005 honda accord lx k24a4 serpentine belt, I also replaced my alternator as well. Now there is an obnoxious sound as the belt goes around. It doesn't seem to affect performance but it is a bit unnerving. Should I be concerned? I lubricated all the pulleys and it still makes a clap sound on rotation. What's next?
Why is a 2005 Honda Accord LX clutch more expensive to replace than a 2003 Infinity G35?
I had a new key cut for my 2005 Honda Accord LX, it is a blank ignition key by it's self with no electrical component that are on the original key, now, the key starts the ignition but does not start the car. My question is, does it have be complete key in order to start the engine?
every day, I turn the air conditioner on and it works fine for a few minutes, and then the air gets humid and then not cold. the heater takes a very long time to get hot or does not get hot, but the blower works.
erratic shifting, loss of acceleration Diagnosis: needs to be rebuilt or replaced with used
My Honda all of a sudden started overheating so I fixed a oileak it had put new radiator cap flushed radiator and changed oil & filter put a new 02 sensor, fans work , heater blower works , drove good for about a week now overheats again and I hear a humming noise from under the hood.
I need to know what’s going on it passed smog
no check engine light is on
And maintenance light blinks then turns off
Engine runs at very high rmp such as 5k but my car only go 10-20 mph. Then car speed drops to zero while engine still runs at high speed. If I turn off the engine and restart, I can get speed back like 10-20 mph. drive for a few minutes. If stop at a stop sign, likely I will lose speed and have to turn off engine again and restart.

My car is 2005 Honda Accord and has about 210K miles. I have taken good care of the car by doing regular maintenance.
My Honda Accord has high mileage at 210,000 but it has been under great maintenance and runs great. Yesterday as I was driving, I saw my engine rpm increased to about 5,000 but my speed did not go up, and eventually my car did not go anymore. Can anyone tell me what may be wrong?

Ok my car is Revving up to 3,000 rpms before it shifts. I noticed at the 3,000 mark on the rpm is when it starts to rev and you have to let off the gas for it to shift. It was making a like widing noise kind of sounded like the power steering. Well that noise has gotten louder and only in drive it does it. Reverse it sounds like a great car.. any advice.. My dad is transmission specialist and proud of it im not willing to pay that much to fix my car if its the transmission.. Hopefully hes wrong but... Anyway and advice would be appreciated..
I change the battery fuse in the fuse box but it only gave me two lights and horn
i switch radio and control panel to duel temperature control panel 6 cd changer. have power to radio , no power to climate control panel, no back lights, a/c button and others have no power. can someone tell me what the problem could be?

on my 2005 Honda accord I changed out my single cd radio and control panel to a 6cd changer radio and climate control panel. Radio works find, but when I turn on the ignition the heater fan began to blow on high speed and no power to climate control panel. When I push the a/c on/off nothing happens, none of the indicators light will come on, the panel is dead (no power). Can you tell me what to check other than the fuses under the dash.
Now there is no power to system at all. Just like there is no battery in it. And with key turned on my button to change gears from park to drive, reverse and neutral wont work.
2005 Honda Accord LX (coupe). I cannot open my driver's door from the inside. I have to roll down my power windows and stick my hand outside to open the door to get out. Started having this problem 2 weeks ago. Car is in really good condition and stays service and just now is at 100,000 miles.

Wanted to know what do I need to get it fixed and the cost?
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