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any suggestions

For a 2004 Honda Accord 4-door V6 EX

I was having my Honda's oil changed and tires rotated and balanced at the dealership. They informed me I had a passenger side axle seal leaking grease and it would cost over $200 to repair. But they didn't make it sound urgent. I haven't noticed any oil leaks or oil on my garage floor.

Started engine normally. Later, when tried to start an engine I observed a very long crank. That happened three or four times. I am not sure if it is NOT a whether related - the car is garage kept, dealer maintained religiously :)..
Today the car has been sitting outside all day and the temperatures today are 100+. Could it be a contributing factor?
Thanks for the answers and regards to the community.

Got in my car yesterday and went to turn on the air conditioner and nothing..then I tried the fan and it was dead also...nothing working..I have tried high and low and turn off and back husband checked the fuses and they all look good. Any idea's?

change back brake pads now having one side to get hot bleed bake seems to be working smell brake pD HEATING UP AND ROTOT IS HOT

Dear Sir
i have purchased this Honda few weeks ago from a known person of me,seems to be good in everything including transmission ,but i found some leaks of fresh oilor fliud may be transmission fliud from below (transmission case)few fresh drops my be dropped few drops into the ground every few days but there is no leak from oil case (seems clean)
your diagnosis,if i need to repair,if there is a gasket ,how much does it cost rooughly


had an accident and the axle broke causing the transmission differential to warp? This is what I am told by the dealer and the transmission needs to be replaced.

I have my honda accord 2004 /2.4 engine this is the code i get with my scanner PO171

how do I replace the windshield washer motor in a 2004 honda accord ex? Is it difficult?

How do I replace the windshield washer nozzle on my 2004 Honda Accord. I do not see any obvious place to release the nozzle from the cowling.

The door locks on my 2004 Accord EX only unlock--locking doesn't happen any more. Honda service charged $110.00 for a diagnostic check & said the Door Lock Actuator was fine but the Multiplex Control Unit was faulty. The service rep quoted $455.00 for the repair? Real or rip-off?

When I turned on the car it was shaking a lot, and then 3 blocks later on a stop, it turned off. A neighbor said that the power steering pump hose its damaged and it looses power, can this be true?

100,000+ miles. No brake lights, either center or sides. Turn signal and reverse lights fine. Will go into and out of gear. Replaced fuse even though it looked fine. Replaced brake pedal switch, and appears to be functioning properly. Only has power windows, no power seats/cruise/sunroof, no aftermarket add-ons. HOWEVER, in case this means anything, it also eats dome light bulbs. I've replaced a minimum of a half-dozen in the last year alone. Brake lights fine one day, dead the next. Any suggestions?