2004 Honda Accord Questions

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I think it started making this noise after I drove over a big pothole which didn't sound or feel good.

After the car is warmed up, or driving around a while, the noise stops. Is it the steering wheel fluid?

My Honda Accord AC has stopped blowing cold air on the driver's side vent and the upper on over the radio on the driver's side. Any ideas? Mileage 57,000 - 2004

Would cost a lot to have glove compartment rekeyed

my rocker arm bank is stuck in bank 1 and my car will not start what needs to be repaired

but it still will not turn over. do I need to reset the system someway.

ac works all the time when engine is cold, as soon as it warms up to normal operating temp. it stops working. no codes, ac does not work again till engine cools down.

As we approach 60 mph our Honda starts to shake. It feels like it is coming from the front left side of the car. Just had all wheels balanced and new front brakes installed. The same thing is still happening.