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It came with 3 keys. Two black that look new and a grey one that looks like the old one. All of them will make it turn over but none will make it fire. i have been reading some stuff on it and saw that there is a green key light that might tell me somthing but i have already removed the switch. i didnt realize that it was chipped because of ots age. when they told me about the lock smith i had just finished removing it. I counted all the wires on connections to make sure there were pins for all wires and vise versa. Thought maybe it could have been for a diffrent modle that fit but wouldnt work. Not sure what to do. not sure if i should find the lock smith again or What. Not sure why he wouldnt have checked to see if it was gonna work before he left and with that said dont know if it will do any good
Sometimes I get in the car and out the key in the ignition and it starts right up. Other times I repeat with starting however the engine does nothing! I always take the key out and try it again and sometimes it will start right up and other times it takes 3-4 times of trying to start before it actually starts the engine. However, sometimes after I've tried starting and it failed I have simply taken the key out and hit the unlock button for the doors and then put the key in the ignition and it fires right up. It has become a real serious issue and I have no idea as to what it could be that's causing this problem. I will also say that the radio has a mind of its own! It will turn completely on and off all by itself with no answer to that either. The starter is newer and not the problem. I wonder if it is security related of something of that nature. Could the ignition switch be going bad? Could it be the anti theft causing the problem? It has brand new battery a brand new alternator and the starter appears to be new as well. When this problem happens all the lights on the dash come on just the engine does nothing. So if snyone has any advice or has dealt with this same issue I need help bad. It is driving me crazy and I'm scared that it's going to leave me on the side of the road! The car never stalls out it only does it when you cut the car off and then get back inside and go to restart. Thank you for any help or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated
door actuator sticks
door locks became sluggish at first and then quit altogether. When driving in the car and push down drivers side lock, all other locks respond. FOB still blinks running lights twice. Want to check this before replacing complete actuator.
I changed the switch or censor on the injector mouth I would'nt know if it is responsible as the acceleration also increased, it does not produce black smoke but it sucks so much fuel. Please what can be the problems.
What is the problem I have same situation.
Front and rear brakes
Stater makes noise when starting car
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