2004 Honda Accord Questions

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I just bought the car for my daughter and I don't know how well it was taken care of.
I have an 04 accord and the seat beat is locked up...i to I took it to Honda and Honda stated to me that it will be $70 to be diagnosed and it will possibly be repaired if it is their fault!!!
Would it be easier to take it to a detailer or professional cleaning company? Or do I need to replace all of the interior; if so how much does that cost??
I jacked my car up to do some under coating and when I next drove it , it rode like a low rider. Horrible bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Very harsh ride. The car has 63000 miles on it.
I did some research and found others who had the same problem. Dealers have stated it was because of age and heat which causes shocks or struts to "lock up" from reaching full extension. Has anyone ever heard of this? I am a mechanic and have NEVER heard of this problem before. Looks like I will have to replace them all.
i changed the cam sensor the intake side code p0341.
Doesn't shudder at other speeds. Have checked balance, rotation, alignment of tires/wheels.

It has also started making a shshshshsh noise when I make right hand turns. Only right hand turns, but this is a new issue that I'm worried will get to be a problem if I don't get it fixed.
Check engine light came on and car started skipping.Gutted converter, then wouldn't crank, finally got cranked and its skipping worse.
Where is the transmission oil pan
Battery is 3 months old and checks out OK. Cables / terminals clean as well. 130k miles on vehicle. Seems to be more noticeable in morning.
Starter Motor, Alternator maybe???Thanks very much!
I drove to work in the morning all was OK when i came out of work and started the car both lights come on and stayed on car is running well and breaks are ok. how can i reset the lights or what can be the cause of this
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