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My Honda Accord 2004 blinks constantly and goes off after restarting the engine. And the gear select perfectly well
I drive my car as soon I start driving it the D4 light start flashing all the time
A ticking noise from my 2.4 L Honda Accord motor and you hear it even worse when you first start it when it's cold
04 Honda Accord LX radio os turned on as shown on the screen but does not produce any sound until I rap on the dashboard ( near the radio ) once or twice. I was thinking maybe dirty contacts; please help...I love this car.
My ac blows cool air on passenger side and warm air on driver side. I replaced compressor a year ago and cabin filter recently. I was told at a shop that I needed a blend actuator and it would cost $900. Is this reasonable? It's a 2004 Honda Accord LX that's in excellent condition. It does NOT have dual climate control. There are no noises. Thank you
my honda accord overheated. the reserve cap cracked from overheating.after replacing cap and coolant started up car to check for leaks. there where none then waited for fans to start they didnt start. im gonna change thermostat but first i got to find out why fans are not starting. have no check engine light and also did a quick scan and got nothing. i need proper steps to diagnose fans, fuses, wiring if need be. any help is very appreciated. thank you
I'm looking to purchase this used vehicle and in the pictures it appears to have a belt. But everywhere else says that it has a chain.
This problem just happened a week ago. I removed the battery head for hours but no success but the radio channels are working. when I press the eject botton, it will show Xm No signal
2004 Honda Accord LX 6cld
Driver side , put it from reverse to drive then I heard a snap and I'm pretty sure it's my CV shaft just wanting to make sure I have a picture but can't post
compressor not running
It's happening more offten when I hit any bump in the road or sometimes I can be at a red light or stop sign it will actually start to go an sputter a little I'll let off the gas an then slowly give it gas an it cuts off. It's has been put on a Diagnostics machine but no codes are coming up. Can't figure out why it's doing this every time I hit a bump
The fly wheel is making a noise when I crank it
but i can do that manually
I'm trying to bypass the compressor because the clutch is going bad
The car is hard to start especially in the morning when the engine is cool. I need to roll the keys several times and press the accelerator hard. It picks up slowly and gradually balances after 2 minutes- and gasoline starts to smell in the air like there's been a spill on the engine. The check engine light is not on but I have done a full scan already and treated scan results. We also changed the fuel pump, changed the nozzle, changed the ignition starter by the engine. Still hard starting. My mechanic thinks it might be a brain box malfunction
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