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this is one of the most reported problem reports for the 2003 honda accord!!!
The only sound it makes is of the serpentine belt turning the pullys but n cranking sound??
today my car died at a traffic light It is a manual 2.4 litre 4 cyl had it towed to Autozone they diagnosed it and told me it was my alternator I replaced the alternator car still makes the same sound. serpentine belt is turning the pullys but there's no cranking sound as if the pistons aren't moving??
Noticed last night when I would get to third gear it seemed to get stuck
We have a 2003 Accord EX 4 Cyl...two days ago the car started fine, yesterday when we tried to start it you could hear the engine trying to start but it wont. Today a friend came and he said he could hear the fuel pump and also checked the codes and no codes at all (battery is fully charged by the way). The last thing he tried was to see if it was the test it he took all 4 covers of the spark plugs and put screw drivers inside them....asked somebody else to try to start the car and he said that this should have caused sparks on the screw drivers when they touched ground. He said even though there is no code he believes is the crank shaft sensor...he called me back because he found out my car has a chain and not a timing belt therefore it has a cam sensor and not a crank sensor....he has never done this type of everything that i just said makes sense? there a link to find out where is this sensor located and how much work this takes?
Thanks guys.
I have automatic transmission, and i think its stuck in Drive. So i can't start the car. Moving the lever doesn't do anything. So, i want to manually put it in Park. I was looking at online forums and people said they can put it park by changing the linkage manually under the hood. But i can't find the linkage. Where is that linkage and how can i put it park manually? diagram would be great.
For the past 2 weeks I have this starting problem. Sometimes the car start in 3 attept. Sometimes not. Sometimes when im driving it stops.
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