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there are 2 sensors, intake and exhaust which one should be replaced and where are they located
should I replace both of them to be safe?
where are the sensors located?
I posted this issue before and now there's a new one...

A couple weeks ago, I posted on here about a buzzing noise and then it wound up being a bigger issue... it was the starter. I had it replaced and in it's first week, the starter was not working properly and then did the same thing: Everything lit up and no start. So I brought it back to the mechanic since it was under warranty and said it was just connected improperly, honored the warranty and fixed it. Now it's a week later, and the car is making a slight grinding noise after the start up but runs smoothly. This just started today and the fix is only 1 week old after it's last trip. Could it be he just tightened it too much, if such a thing? or is it something else? I think it might be the battery but I'm hoping it's not the starter (again) or something bigger...
I have an odd difficult problem.

As of late, the car has been difficult to start. When I turn the key in the ignition, the car sputters (the same sound that when your car is on and you turn the key further in the ignition) and sometimes will not start, but everything lights up. Sometimes it will take 10 minutes of doing this before the car starts. Sometimes there's no wait at all. Key will turn all the way, sometimes with just the sputtering and then starting, sometimes just the sputtering and other times just starts right away. When it start, there's no delay or slow clicking noise at all.

I'll be bringing this to the dealer on Wednesday for an airbag recall and will be mentioning the problem (obviously), but i was curious if anyone else has encountered this problem or is familar with this, and if so, if anyone knows what kind of ballpark I'm looking at to get this fixed. Thanks!
Failed 3 times in 6 months. Each time it is inspected, it is full of water and shorting the electrical connections. The last time, it was completely replaced with a new valve instead of just dried out. No flooding of the car or deep water traversed during the time listed or before.
2631 is Front Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Bank 2 Sensor 1 Circuit High Voltage. Can this be the cause of code 0506 Idle Air Control System RPM Lower Than Expected?

My chain jumped time. The mechanic is telling me he can't get the bolt off the crank- n if it breaks I need a new motor... I've been told the crank shouldn't have anything to do with the chain... Idk what to do... What should expect to pay to have it moved to a shop?
and possible control arm?
When i turn on my car it will start then died and then it will turn on. Then my check engine and TCS light is always on and my car kinda jumps sometimes and it doesnt go over 3000 rpm no matter what.
My Accord is an EX Coupe. I bought it from a used car dealer a week ago. Although the car is in quite a good shape there are a few minor problems which are annoying me. Here are the details:

1. The power door lock is not working. I did my research and found out that it is a problem that many 2003 Accord Coupe owners have reported too and the most common issue is with the actuator. I took my car to a mechanic's shop for the initial checkup and they said that it could be the actuator or the master switch. Is there a way I can know for sure what it is and if so, what is the replacement cost of that. My mechanic charges 110 an hour and obviously I am on a tight budget. It is also worth noting that the remote that I have is severely disfigured and only the door open and trunk open switches can be pressed (I plan on getting a new one from Honda). The door unlock key opens the driver side door and not the passenger door and when I long press the key it even rolls down the windows.

2. The lever on the driver's side which pops the trunk open doesn't work. I can still open the trunk with the remote but that is the only way. There is a huge disconnected cable in the trunk which my mechanic also believes is the problem. Any ideas here?
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