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but they are still working good, no problem stopping. Why???
Could the problem be my transmission solenoids.. Because it works fine but when the engine heats up, problem manifests again.its happens at least once a week Answers please..tank u
clear liquid is drippin on to the engine causeing it to smoke nothing is over heating and the car stills run just that leak is causing it to smoke whats the drip and what do i do to stop it drip only coming from hose ?
I had the fluid drained and filled at 27000 which was July 2010 I have 59000 miles on it now; should I just get the drain and fill again or the actual flush and filter change?
What kind of parts are you using. I can get Iridium plugs with a lifetime warranty for $12.99 per plug =$78.00 for 6. (Pulstar) You were show high end at $108. On the low end I can get them for $6.99 (Iridium) = $42.00
The interior cabin feels like the car is in a wind tunnel when travelling speeds above 30 KM/H. I have recently done tire rotation,balancing and also have changed the rotors.

Please help.
I called Napa and got a price of $70.00 which is what the Repair Man charged me. However, your estimate shows a low price of $ 29.00. I was curious where this price would have come from.
Can this be true?
high voltage on ip line bank one sensor one
what do i need
i cant operate the climate control from the nav says please restart engine to operate climate control>its works manually but when i want to operate it from the nav screen it brings that message.all other things work on the nav screen but its just the climate control thats not operating.pls help
Car can crank normally but won't start.
The car sputtered till it stopped all together. It will turnover no problem but will not crank. I checked fuses but i think it is the fuel pump.
i felt like my car fell an made horrible noise when in gear to drive
its a transmission part
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