2002 Honda Accord Questions

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The gears are slipping and two other mechanics and the Honda dealer told me the transmission should be rebuilt.
This is my first car and I already had to get my coolant fixed and hood. I'm trying to get everything at once fixed.
My friend who is a mechanic said he would fix my car if i got the parts. However Other than the head gasket itself what parts do i need to fix a blown head gasket it. My car is a 2002 Honda Accord SE 2.3L Vtech engine. I'm looking to get these parts next week when i have the money.
My car lighter and radio/cd player have no power but the clock on the dash just above has power. Any ideas? I have checked the fuses on the side panel inside the cabin of the car and the tester lights up on all of them. I also checked the small fuses with the same test and they work as well. I couldn't test the larger looking fuses but looked at the top and the metal doesn't appear to be broker so I'm assuming they are fine.
I don't know which intake systems would be better for the car, can anyone help out please and thank you
I cleaned out the egr valve and the check engine light was off for a day or so then all of a sudden it came back on but started reading a different code error this time as well other than the egr code. What should I do? I was thinking that I should replace the EGR Valve but what else can i do so that this problems never happens again. Please and thank you.
I never had it happened to me while i'm driving a ton of smoke comes out of the tailpipe as if i was driving a semi truck or something, however i did just add some engine oil would that have been the problem?
high idlle, and the transmission feels like it maybe slipping but i dont know
Will not engage into 1st. gear from a dead stop, like a stop sign, always takes off in 2nd. then shifts in the higher gears OK. Would that be one of the shift solenoids...Thanks
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