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I have an 02 Honda Accord, the passenger rear floor board is wet, even when it's not raining. We have determined that the weather strip is not the cause of the issue. What else could be causing this to happen?
Gm. My name is Leigh. I notice yesterday two round leaks the size of a normal coffee cup bottom underneath the passenger side of my car. But it happened again only minutes after I turned the engine off. Got under car to rub the spots. There’s not any color or smell to it. But it’s not water cause t go to check it this morning and the spots are still there. The location to me looks like it’s near the water reservoir or somewhere in that area. I don’t have much knowledge about cars. Any ideas would help greatly
Car runs good no misfire oor smoke
It is there always
When it's low on gas , or when I turn a corner it shitts of , then starts hesitateing , stalls ,starts,stalls starts , runs fine for a bit , then does it again
It happened every couple times but now everytime I cut it off it does it.
I noticed oil shortage during a normal routine check,poured oil and drove out just for the car stop on motion.
I had serviced this car some weeks earlier,please what can be done,mechanic wants to buy a new engine and am not ready for that expense.
Car stopped on motion and refuse to start and service was done 4weeks earlier,battery is OK and all lights come on when key is turned.also realized oil level is very low with no visible signs of leakin.
I'm thinking its the moonroof being clogged or the drain pipes which are attached to the moonroof being clogged and backing up into the floorboards. However, I need a tutorial to be able to get inside these tubes and unclog them.
My car power steering leak too bad at elbow pipe under car, return pipe
Car stutters and tries to turn off once I accelerate past the 2.5rpm
I purchased the car in 2015 & it had 163,000 miles on it. I've been told that it should be replaced every 100,000 miles. How much should it cost for a mechanic to check the belt & how much time is involved. Ho w much does it cost to replace the belt. I had a mechanic to tell me that the original belt is on the car. Can this be possible?
This problem started to occur one morning when it was about 32 degrees outside. Even when it has warmed up it still won't drive forward, only in reverse.
I have replace most of all the sensors just have one more to replace on my transmission and it will drive for a short period of time then and start acting like it want pull..... And it pull up all kind of codes..... Is it to late go check and see is there any recalls on it..... Just got the car about 4 months ago

Whats wrong??
After changing da battery it asking for a code to restart da radio
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