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Smog check test
My car died, every time i try to re connect the battery the car horn sporadically goes off continuously and rapidly " faster then the regular alarm horn". I tried unplugging the horn fuse and i heard a rapid clicking in the under the hood fuse box when re connecting the battery.
I have an intermittent stalling problem on my 2002 Honda Accord. I replaced the ignition switch because I thought this was the problem, but turns out it wasn't. I have checked the main relay and it looks great. The stalling happens after the car is up to operating temperature. Sometimes it will start right back up. Other times I have to wait 10 or 15 minutes before it will start. Fuel pressure is good, and ignition system is good. Any ideas? Thanks.
- PJ
Radio cuts ove small bumps lights stay on when not suppoze to when you hit steering wheel lights turn back off or bang radio it turns back on
My car error code is P0780 and I’m wondering what is the price range to fix it and can I still be able to drive with it?
engine light flashing and running rough at idle but get up to freeway speeds
The car has had new transmission fluid put in, map sensor replaced, both oxygen sensors replaced, oil change, spark plugs and the fuel injectors cleans with new seals put on them. Runs great for a minute but then starts to idle rough again and check engine light comes back on
When I held down 1 and 6 on the radio while turning the radio on, I got U210 7 L666 3
Please help!
I have an 02 Honda Accord, the passenger rear floor board is wet, even when it's not raining. We have determined that the weather strip is not the cause of the issue. What else could be causing this to happen?
Gm. My name is Leigh. I notice yesterday two round leaks the size of a normal coffee cup bottom underneath the passenger side of my car. But it happened again only minutes after I turned the engine off. Got under car to rub the spots. There’s not any color or smell to it. But it’s not water cause t go to check it this morning and the spots are still there. The location to me looks like it’s near the water reservoir or somewhere in that area. I don’t have much knowledge about cars. Any ideas would help greatly
Car runs good no misfire oor smoke
It is there always
When it's low on gas , or when I turn a corner it shitts of , then starts hesitateing , stalls ,starts,stalls starts , runs fine for a bit , then does it again
It happened every couple times but now everytime I cut it off it does it.
I noticed oil shortage during a normal routine check,poured oil and drove out just for the car stop on motion.
I had serviced this car some weeks earlier,please what can be done,mechanic wants to buy a new engine and am not ready for that expense.
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