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This has been an intermittent problem that is becoming more prevalent. Twice this past week after work at 5pm, so it has sat all day, it would start and then quit, start and quit and then crank, but not turn over. No clicking. Battery is new. Let it sit for awhile and then it starts. Started right up today.
Dip Stick has two smal hole near the end. Is the proper oil lever any place between the holes?
is a special tool needed to replace the oil pump seal? how to remove the harmonic balancer
The TCS and engine light will come on for 4 to 6 days then go out.Then when I'am on the road the light will come on when I slow down or stop,when driving on the highway.
check engine light yesterday, oil light today.
driving at 50 mph car downshifts into lower gear
where is the fuel filter located on my Honda?
Recently I went into have my usual oil change and air filter change. I asked if the fuel filter needed to be changed, since my car is at 170,000 miles. He informed me my car had no fuel filter but would require a fuel system service. Is that right? I thought all vehicles had a fuel filter?
hello, I have a 2001 honda accord 4cyl. My husband was fixing the water intake valve. he took apart the hoses them put everything back ,he has done it before but this time the car started sputtering wen u guve it gas like it wants to turn off and the drive light was flashing on and off.We had some one come look at it and he said it was the fuel pump so my husband put a knew one but still the same, we took it to some other place because we wer thinking the computer may need to be reset because he read in the book that wen u unplug wires and do not disconnect the battery it causes the car to get confused.we took it to some place and the told us it is some sensors 4 to be exact. we took it to auto zone and they said the sensors are fine to take it to Daniels total auto care but all they did was tell us the same thing and charge us $80 just to tell us what we told them from the beginnig, but the mechanic ther told my husband that it is probably some wires that are touching because for all that to go wrong just from my husband fixing the water hoses is not normal. We need help knowing how to fix it, we live in arizona and it is getting hot hellllpppp!
Hello, I've been told that my Catalytic converter is failing. I do not have the common symptoms:Check Engine Light, Lack of power, strange smell, loss of power. What I do have is a clanging, banging sound which, I was informed, was the converter failing. Is the banging sound a good indicator of a failing converter?
Have 150K. second owner. been a good car. has developed an annoying squeek in the drivers rear side. not sure if its a strut or spring? anyone else experience this?
When driving and I slow down and try accelerating again I get a hard jerk and the tcs and check engine light comes on and car don't want to go then code PO740 comes on
light engine just came on.
I bought a replacement key cylinder and the book has me a bit confused. when i replace the key cylinder do i need to reprogram the PCM? Or rather need to reprogram anything at all. I dont see how you would need to reprogram anything when the chips are located in the keys and the sencer should be with in the key cylinder. could you guys help me out with this?
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