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My ac/heat/defrost lights don't come on. If they do, it is very sporadic. It is pretty much stuck on what ever setting it was on before the light turned off. I haven't tried to do anything about it. What could it be???
I just changed the master cylinder and slave with brand new parts and ever since than I've been having this issue
otherwise it drives like a champ we bought some kind of fuse that plugs under hood that did not help but its the same part for reg and overdrive where is the other fuse located so i can plug it there parts house said to try in one and if it didnt work plug it in the other but we cant find it help
The crank shaft pulley came loose on my acoord and I need to know what I can do to fix it and what size bolt I need
Does not happen everyday, radiator isn't always or the other. No leaking on floor, no steam out of tail pipe. Could it be heater core?
Maintenance light it says maint serv. Wasnt on before. What do u know about that?

Mechanic installed rebuilt cat converter. Light off until I had flowmaster installed & light back on. Tried new gas cap. Mechanic reset computer, light off briefly but came back per his prediction. It went off before I got back to him, but returned. Have taken off battery cable=off but returned. Help??8

p1167 o2 code (upstream) throws intermittently, plus p0420 catalyst code. When the light goes off, we go to the inspection station, but it always says catalyst and evap not ready. Even though the o2 monitor says ready, could it still be the battery as the OP states?
Honda muffler was fine and check engine repair worked with rebuilt catalytic converter. Had ordered flow master muffler prior to repair. After installation of flow master light back on. Reset computer. Came back on and still on. Help?
engine starts and idles, but shuts off when accelerator is depressed.
Where is this sensor at???
the wipers have a lot of movement when turned off.I can move the arms about 3-4 inches

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