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Does not happen everyday, radiator isn't always or the other. No leaking on floor, no steam out of tail pipe. Could it be heater core?

Maintenance light it says maint serv. Wasnt on before. What do u know about that?

Mechanic installed rebuilt cat converter. Light off until I had flowmaster installed & light back on. Tried new gas cap. Mechanic reset computer, light off briefly but came back per his prediction. It went off before I got back to him, but returned. Have taken off battery cable=off but returned. Help??8


p1167 o2 code (upstream) throws intermittently, plus p0420 catalyst code. When the light goes off, we go to the inspection station, but it always says catalyst and evap not ready. Even though the o2 monitor says ready, could it still be the battery as the OP states?

Honda muffler was fine and check engine repair worked with rebuilt catalytic converter. Had ordered flow master muffler prior to repair. After installation of flow master light back on. Reset computer. Came back on and still on. Help?

engine starts and idles, but shuts off when accelerator is depressed.

Where is this sensor at???

the wipers have a lot of movement when turned off.I can move the arms about 3-4 inches

Someone recently stole the entire piece of mirror glass out of the housing, leaving the adjusters intact, and an empty socket where (I presume) the fixed pivot ball on the back of a new one would fit. So it looks like it is more or less a pop-in replacement. But all I find are instructions for gluing a new piece over the remnants of the old one (there are no remnants) or the backing plate (it is gone also). But the housing and the power adjuster all work fine. Anyone know where or how I can get a replacement, with, if necessary, the backing plate?

Is there a way to test part by part??

I'm a newbie here and really don't know much about cars or car problems. I have a guy I work with that has been trying to help me fix my car, but I'm not sure we've done the right things. I have a little communication problem with him as he doesn't speak a lot of English. My Check Engine Light came on a few weeks ago. He replaced all my plugs & wires and a sensor (?? Don't know which one). Then the light came on again a day later. I took the car to Auto Zone and they said the code was P0420 & P0430. I ended up replacing both the Front & Back O2 Sensors, but they said it could also be my Catalytic Converter. The light went off. Then a few days later I started hearing a rattling noise, and the guy that has been doing the work on it says it may be the Catalytic Converter. It is worse when you are idling and in low gear, low speeds. Seems to go away when at higher speeds. He says he knows someone that can "fix it" cheaper than putting a new one in. Does this sound reasonable? Can they be fixed or is it better just to get a new one? And if so does it make a huge difference which brand or does it have to be from the Dealer? The car has about 130,000 miles on it. 4 Cylinder - 5 speed. Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks! - Clueless in Austin :(

It takes a long time for the heater to get warm. Two hoses in the engine going to heater, one gets hot and the other doesn't.

no code as yet

How expensive