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lowered gas mileage, and a surge, when stepping on the gas.

hi I have a 2001 Accord Ex 4 cyl, it doesnt start after 3 weeks of nouse. i did everything and noarrow down to Coputer which is in limp mode, not allowing to fire. do i need to flash the same ECM or change the ECM or Chk Engine is not bright and says Link error to retrive codes. please advise

What else could it be I don't know what codes are on but will find out

What else could it be

my alarm keeps going off at nite for now can i disconnect or fix the problem

my alarm keeps going off at nite for no reason.

how do i either fix the problem or disconnect it....

is there a fuse that i can pull out

The release mechanism opens both the trunk and the gas cap. The cap release stopped working, the trunk release still works. 2001 Honda Accord.

Noise every time I ease off the gas.what can it be?

compressor does not kick on I drove the car and the ac started to work for maybe 20min then hot air again! when compressor is on it it works great

My mechanic i trust says the worst case scenario to fix it including oil leaks is $2500. I can't find a car i really like to buy and I'm in a rental. Do you agree it's not worth fixing? I've been looking at a 2015 Camry base model and a 2014 Subaru limited. Which car will have the fewest repairs/problems and hopefully last as long as my Honda. Open to any other suggestions. I need to buy something in the next couple days/ just can't pull the trigger. Don't really love anything for the $. Thanks for your input!

oil leak: this engine oil leak is about a quart a month with constant driving , it seems to be leaking from the top of the engine. what can this be?