2000 Honda Accord Questions

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What could be the problem

Got an estimate with $520 for labor to replace timing cover and want to know if this is accurate

Sometimes it reeve's up when take off and hesitates​ then you let off the accelerator and it will pick up and go. It shifts fine with no jerking. It just takes a few seconds to kick into gear when coming to a stop

Have had everything replaced and check by dealership and they say cracked engine. Only has 70,000 miles

I've been running old snow tires for the last couple years. just replaced them with new all weather. still have the road/vibration noise from the rear.
The sound increases with speed. It also will go silent if banking right but not left.
This has been an issue/going on for a couple years. It hasn't effected the handling. Annoying more than anything. Any idea what to start looking
for before I take it for service?

SRS light is on

while driving the hand goe's up and down when I'm driving

100,000 miles on 2000 Accord and neither have been replaced yet.

I need a new door

How much should fuel pressure be on a 3.0

the key is stuck in the ignition will not
come out when turn off. it was occasionally now will not come out

All the time just bought the car ran fine set up along time. Put a machine on it and showed the distributor cap was advanced

Ead and melted the boot and the exaust blew out white smoke for like 5 seconds and it was running perfect just not even 24 hours the wheather got cold it snowed and i started it up drove about 7 miles and the engine light start blinking and did a tuneup on it still happen but only to that one

It's been on for about 3 days now. Is this a major problem.and about how much will it cost to take it to a shop

Have replaced the ckp sensor, plugs & 1 ignition coil. Timing belt marks are right on, convertor is not plugged. Have fuel, fire and air. Possible ECM? Any suggestions?