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Well my problem is this, my car starts fine and drives fine. What is happening while driving I would feels the car is experiencing hecups. My feet is on the gas but the car would hesitate for a quick second this would be while driving;then the car would suddenly loose all power and all the lights would briefly flash on the dash board and then rolls to a complete stop cuts off and would not start for about 3-5 mins. I would make many attempts to start and it just would not;i would stop trying to start the car for about 2 mins and then try starting again and it would start like nothing happened and drives just fine. This is happening quite often now I've experienced this issue 4 times within the last 8 days. Can anyone help me solve this issue.
Ps***I have new battery, plugs new, alternater fine, distributor fine all checked out...and changed.
Since then I was going down the highway around 55mph and it shifts into a gear so hard I almost hit the steering wheel cover pulled over shut it off and manually shifted the gears fine a mile later the car just sorta stopped moving but still crunk and wouldn't really move into reverse it made a slight whining noise also would the solenoid cause it to do this or has my transmission just completely gave out I just purchased the car not even a month ago from a car dealership what should I do or am I just screwed

this will happen in the morning, no weather problem, but in the afternoon will start with out of problem, until the next morning again does it, why?
trouble code p1383 cylinder position sensor intermittent interruption. what do I check
I was told that the oil seal was leaking so was the valve cover gasket. also the timing belt and water pump was changed it took 7 hours and when I got it back in less then a week it was still leaking. Tenn the mechanic said that the camshaft seal must be replaced and if not that the head gasket.I am a wits end what is your opinion.
About dashboard lights not working,air not working and my battery life keep dying
i've been putting water in my radiator every 2 days i have a brand new radiator after the old one cracked and exploded i changed both fans and can't find any leaks also oil is fine no water going there 2000 honda accord where is the water going what should i do
I watched a YouTube video on how to reset the SRS indicator light on the dash and I pulled out a wire two yellow ones attached to a square piece and put two single pieces of wire in each hole and touch them together and nothing happened other than I lost my blinkers in my entire back taillight is there a module that runs the two?
I have a Honda Accord LX 2000. I took car in for a gas leak. The gas tank had ruptured, and a new tank was installed. After installation, the P0325 code was triggered. This was NOT a problem before and the shop claims to have done nothing near the knock sensor. The code was reset by the shop, was fine driving, but then went on again after I filled by gas tank for the first time. I had to reset it again.

Anything that could be causing a the knock sensor to falsely throw a code caused by a gas tank change?
transmission acting up. codes po705 po706 po700 and po740 came up on machine used by autozone. What do they mean?
I checked the bulb.but there was no location to put a bulb
What could be the problem
Got an estimate with $520 for labor to replace timing cover and want to know if this is accurate
Sometimes it reeve's up when take off and hesitates​ then you let off the accelerator and it will pick up and go. It shifts fine with no jerking. It just takes a few seconds to kick into gear when coming to a stop
Have had everything replaced and check by dealership and they say cracked engine. Only has 70,000 miles
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