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Right front tire sounds like it is rubbing on something. And my stearing wheel is wobbly and pulls to the right??? After about 5 minutes the rubbing sound goes away. The wobble of the steering wheel is less as well...
I've checked all fuses, both door panel boxes and under the hood. I keep positive cable disconnected, soon as i touch the battery with it lights start flashing. There was one time they went off with all doors shut and when i opened driver door to get in and drive it down the road for a check lights immediately started to flash. It sounds like my hazards are on, they're not. But that clicking sound they make when they are on is what I'm hearing and is real strong at the fuse box under the hood.
The car has been sitting for awhile i changed the altenator and battery is new
Don’t here anything when I turn the key I have a new battery
Noticed knocking engine noise mainly when car is running while in park. Seems to be driving fine. Had it tested once and was told the noise was coming from the internal pistons and I should consider replacing the car or the engine. Lifespan was not determined..maybe another year or I could get stranded tomorrow. If this is true can it be repaired without replacing the engine? Or could the noise be a different issue. 2000 Honda Accord Sedan EX 2.3L L4 SFI OHV
I have 2000 honda accord 2.3 L . Grey valet key starts engine easily. Black reg. keys start car sometimes. Regular keys work for everything else on car that valet key wont. They only have problem when trying to start engine. They fit into ignition switch easily, but most of the time wont turn.
Help pass inspectoin
i drove my car about 1 mile and the temp gauge was on hot mark i would like to nkow what sensor i might need
How do you drain fuel tank and lines on 2000 Honda Accord ex v6 2door coupe?
I'm changing my power steering line but the end part of the medal I'm having troubles with every time I tighten the bolt it just keeps popping out of where that line needs to go what am I doing wrong why doesn't it just stay in when I tighten it
my honda accord 2000 v6 blinks under hot weather, noticed the because at early hour like 7am when i drive down to work (31Km) the d4 does not blink and at evening at about 5pm when going back home it runs smoothly. but when the sun is out at hot hour the d4 blinks and i had to switch off and start again, it stops and blinks again. but i do not have this problem at early hour on late in the evening when the weather is cool
Well my problem is this, my car starts fine and drives fine. What is happening while driving I would feels the car is experiencing hecups. My feet is on the gas but the car would hesitate for a quick second this would be while driving;then the car would suddenly loose all power and all the lights would briefly flash on the dash board and then rolls to a complete stop cuts off and would not start for about 3-5 mins. I would make many attempts to start and it just would not;i would stop trying to start the car for about 2 mins and then try starting again and it would start like nothing happened and drives just fine. This is happening quite often now I've experienced this issue 4 times within the last 8 days. Can anyone help me solve this issue.
Ps***I have new battery, plugs new, alternater fine, distributor fine all checked out...and changed.
Since then I was going down the highway around 55mph and it shifts into a gear so hard I almost hit the steering wheel cover pulled over shut it off and manually shifted the gears fine a mile later the car just sorta stopped moving but still crunk and wouldn't really move into reverse it made a slight whining noise also would the solenoid cause it to do this or has my transmission just completely gave out I just purchased the car not even a month ago from a car dealership what should I do or am I just screwed

this will happen in the morning, no weather problem, but in the afternoon will start with out of problem, until the next morning again does it, why?
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