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This leaks seems to be coming from behind the rubber foot rest that is attached to left side of the foot well. It leaks when the car is standing still or moving. I need to get a solution to fix this problem. Thanks.
why does it start up n then shuts off
It will start up n cut off.
will not start
will stop running
seems to just soundlessly stall and come to a stop. Then will start right up no noise etc.
Car has been acting up for about a year now. every now and then it It would takes a few tries turning the key to get it to turn over. Now it's just won't start, It's been diagnose several times and shows no issue. All the lights come on bright, radio works. Car won't even crank. Even tried jumping it and still no go
I think its a solenoid problem its slipps in 1st an 2nd gear when in 3rd it drives without slipping but the rmp keep raising high like 5 an more just going like 35 an don't go down till I slow down an starts to downshift hard an sometimes when I put my car in reverse it won't go nowhere ..its like I'm in neutral.. I have no light on beside a maitnace light ..I had a buddy check my Tanny fluid an it looks fine ..not burning or anything metal shavings either has a sweet smel to it so I think the tranny is fine an has to be something else...can someone pleaseeee help me ..thank u
I recently had a radiator replaced and since then on 5 different occasions when driving the car just looses complete power. I have had air on when this happens. After maybe three minuets it starts right back up and only does this like I said once in a while but never know when it will.
It is complete power failure.
or if I'm setting still with the engine idling then turn the a/c off the engine goes dead
It happens every time it rains and when I hope my trunk of my car over. My gas pedal and on drivers side of the trunk puts in when I open it after a rain.
Need catalytic converter covers, left engine mount, oil ring seal leaking. Wondering if I should get the car repair completed at this stage of its age.
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