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engine starts normal but when i drive on dont go more than 10mph. what is the problem.??
Can a faulty or worn ignition switch make my car turn off while driving without any warning?
My car turns off out of nowhere. The engne shuts off, the radio and lights stay on. I dnt k ow when it's going to do it next sometimes it will turn off ten times others it's only once sometimes never. I had the ignition coil replaced and the rotor and that next day it turned off about nine times in four hours after that it didn't turn off at all for three weeks. The abs light flashes and then the car will keep n turning off after that. We did a tune up on it and that didn't solve anything. Sometimes it turns on right away other times it takes awhile. What can be wrong with it? Any help is appreciated. I have taken it to two different shops and they can't find anything wrong with it.
I'm trying to locate where i'm losing power steering fluid. How do I locate a power steering leak.
When I turn the steering wheel to the right the left wheel squeaks. It sounds like Metal on Metal. It only happens when there is weight on the wheels. I jacked the front end up to see if I hear it but there was no sound. I'm trying to find out which parts I need to replace and about how much it will cost me.
I am having a problems with my car hesitating while driving and then picking up to normal speed. I was first told to replace the PCV-Valve and hose; along with the Intake manifold chamber gasket set. Now a mechanic is telling me I need to replace the distributor. How much does a distriutor cost for a 99 Accord LX?
front end rattles when you drive on rough roads
Where are the o2 sensors located on this make and model?
signal lights work on an intermittent basis in cold weather
My check engine light came on and my brother-in-law ran a diagnostic with the resulting code of P0740. (Honda has 135,000 Miles). I took it to a mechanic and he told me that I need to replace the transmission. I don't believe this because the car drives without any gear change issues. It runs very smoothly. Someone else told me it could be the O ring that needed replacement. And I called my Honda dealer to ask about changing the transmission fluid and filter and was told that this model did not have a filter. I asked about changing the screen and he told me that this was not done either. Honda wants to run their own diagnostic on it for $70.00. From my experience with them, they usually come up with several other things that "need" to be done. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be helpful.
Driver's side rear door got completely crushed. Not sure if that window works now but passenger side rear window goes down and not up. Could this be due to the collision?
wipers run continuously, cant shut off. Will run on high and medium, no intermittent or off.
knocking noise around the belts. but im not sure may be water pump.
It started 7 days ago.I checked all the light bulbs and they are all working. Brake fluid level is also ok. It usually happens first thing in the morning when I press the brake pedal ,later in the day it goes off.I haven't replaced the brake pads in a long time. Could it be the reason of the problem?
My car sat for about 2 1/2 weeks when I was on vacation. The first time I used it after that, the idle went up and down when I was in park or neutral. After a few minutes of driving, the check engine light came on, but the weird idling stopped. My car has been driving and acting totally normal since then- I've taken it out a few times for substantial drives, no problems, no weird sounds, nothing. But the check engine light is still on. I took it to have the code read and it was "P0505" and the mechanic told me they needed to replace the IACV, which would run me $300. But I have **no** symptoms of a bad IACV anymore. Could the valve be dirty? Do I really need to have it replaced?

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