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I have a 1999 honda accord ex coupe and been having problems lately with starting it. I will go to start it up and it wont crank over. it will make the noise like it wants to, but wont. then 15-20 min, i try it again and it starts up. What could be causing this?

I have a 99 accord v6, My check engine lite came on, it was code p0420.A friend told me to replace the rear oxygen sensor instead of the catalyic converter.I replaced it and the light check engine light came back on.It had three codes, po481,p0145,p0070. can any one help with these codes.THANKS in advance

i replaced all the bulbs and still no brakelights?

I left my car with the head lights switched on by mistake. I heard a warning sound, but didnt know what it was, be cause it was day time. i would like to know whether my honda has a auto switch off headlight facility ? thank you. Shaan.

have 150,000 miles,car is sluggish slightly needs a little pep open for ideas also should i use fuel injection cleaner would like to put another 100,000 miles on this car thanks

I have been having a problem with my honda automatic when it is cold in the morning the transmission does not want to shift from 1st gear to 2nd. Once it warms up then it smooths out? does anyone have any ideas. I have no leaks anywhere so no fluid is escaping.
Also my driver side window (power) goes almost all the way to the top then it starts making a "skipping" sound and will not completely go up. Anyone have and ideas on what might be wrong with this. It sounds and feels like it has a lot of power left when trying to close. It has 98,000 miles on it. Thanks everyone

When I put my heat on my 1999 Honda Accord, it seems to take a while for it to get hot. Does it need a new filter?

What exactly is a "tune up"? And when does my car need one?

both brake lights on dash remain on when drivng. have topped up brake fluid

last month the car started making the clicking sound only when turning the wheel left or right. It doesn't vibrate or do anything else other than the clicking when turning.

engine starts normal but when i drive on dont go more than 10mph. what is the problem.??

Can a faulty or worn ignition switch make my car turn off while driving without any warning?

My car turns off out of nowhere. The engne shuts off, the radio and lights stay on. I dnt k ow when it's going to do it next sometimes it will turn off ten times others it's only once sometimes never. I had the ignition coil replaced and the rotor and that next day it turned off about nine times in four hours after that it didn't turn off at all for three weeks. The abs light flashes and then the car will keep n turning off after that. We did a tune up on it and that didn't solve anything. Sometimes it turns on right away other times it takes awhile. What can be wrong with it? Any help is appreciated. I have taken it to two different shops and they can't find anything wrong with it.

I'm trying to locate where i'm losing power steering fluid. How do I locate a power steering leak.

When I turn the steering wheel to the right the left wheel squeaks. It sounds like Metal on Metal. It only happens when there is weight on the wheels. I jacked the front end up to see if I hear it but there was no sound. I'm trying to find out which parts I need to replace and about how much it will cost me.