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so i have a 1999 honda accord, in the morning, or anytime it cools off for that matter the car will start fine, but if im running around and i cut it off without giving it time to cool off after a while, it wont start.for example, if i go to the store, then the gym, then to go eat. it wont come on, itll try and sometimes it will come on almost wanting to turn off, very low on the rpm meter. sometimes it wont come on at all. could i please get a suggestion on to what this may be?
5 speed manual it loses power and then lurches forward. I can watch the rpm needle drop and then buck and go back up. Happens quite alot now, was intermintent for a while but no longer
What seems to make the problem better or worse? better when cold
How long have you had this problem? months was very infrequent at start now everyday but not all the time.
The problem just started today. Currently, out of work I don't wanna buy a battery if that's not the solution. But I don't wanna take it to a mechanic just to find out. It's a battery. I do have a warranty.
Keeps dieing on me dies faster when all my lights are one pretty sure it's something electrical
Car is loud when accelerate
My Honda is not running well. High rotation
in the mornings when I am going to work and in the evening when if get back to my car when I turn the key in the starter I hear a squeaky notice also when I turn the steering wheel I hear grinding squeaky noise and at times the wheel seems a little harder to start
I'm just wondering if this vehicle is worth purchasing. I look at it tomorrow, but this Honda Accord was returned to the seller because the code p0730 was spit out. The original purchaser paid $2,500, but returned it that day, because she got the car scanned and received the p0730 code. Supposedly, this vehicle has had a JDM motor swap, which has 50k miles on it, but I haven't seen it yet The seller offered the car to me for $1,800... Worth it? That my only question. She's selling the car because she got an upgrade, by the way... Thank you for reading this
I have a 5 speed so I shift between 1st and 2nd gear until it seems to go away. I have had a few things done at the shop. wires checked distributor replaced
what is the cause of this, for the past 2 days only
tested fan wires, new sensor and new thermostat no leak i have to leave a/c on for fans to cool engine if not it will start getting hot.
I have changed the battery , alternator and selanoid B (which was an issue that was generated the computers diagnostic). All of these are getting power. I reset the battery also. The car looses power after a few minutes and I have to have it jumped off to start again. What other remedies are available for this issue.
my car did not sound all night and this morning it went off 3 times randomly until i finally dicided to keep it unlocked.
Also the headlights and radio work but nothing else turns on the windshield wipers doesn't work neither does the check engine light or the security key light come on?
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