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Car is loud when accelerate

My Honda is not running well. High rotation

in the mornings when I am going to work and in the evening when if get back to my car when I turn the key in the starter I hear a squeaky notice also when I turn the steering wheel I hear grinding squeaky noise and at times the wheel seems a little harder to start

I'm just wondering if this vehicle is worth purchasing. I look at it tomorrow, but this Honda Accord was returned to the seller because the code p0730 was spit out. The original purchaser paid $2,500, but returned it that day, because she got the car scanned and received the p0730 code. Supposedly, this vehicle has had a JDM motor swap, which has 50k miles on it, but I haven't seen it yet The seller offered the car to me for $1,800... Worth it? That my only question. She's selling the car because she got an upgrade, by the way... Thank you for reading this

I have a 5 speed so I shift between 1st and 2nd gear until it seems to go away. I have had a few things done at the shop. wires checked distributor replaced

what is the cause of this, for the past 2 days only

tested fan wires, new sensor and new thermostat no leak i have to leave a/c on for fans to cool engine if not it will start getting hot.

I have changed the battery , alternator and selanoid B (which was an issue that was generated the computers diagnostic). All of these are getting power. I reset the battery also. The car looses power after a few minutes and I have to have it jumped off to start again. What other remedies are available for this issue.

my car did not sound all night and this morning it went off 3 times randomly until i finally dicided to keep it unlocked.

Also the headlights and radio work but nothing else turns on the windshield wipers doesn't work neither does the check engine light or the security key light come on?

1999 Honda Accord 4 cyl Automatic will not move in first gear once warmed up - Works OK cold. Took out solenoids and cleaned filters in one. Only one filter had any trash and wasn't totally clogged. All tested to work. When I put them back in and ran the car, it shifted normally when first driven, as though this fixed the problem - but D4 light was flashing. Once it was restarted, the D4 light no longer flashed and shifting went right back to not having first gear. Other gears shift normally. Have to manually select second to get going once the car is warmed up. It will not go when first is manually selected either. It can be put in first but barely can move much at all even when revved. Acts like torque converter has no fluid when warmed up or that fluid is too light a weight. First gear only.
Just got car for junk price, from "lil' ol' lady" who didn't drive it much and knows nothing about it or what she might have done or had done.
Gammlin that it can be fixed without spendin a fortune.
Reset ECU by pulling battery cable. No change.
How will overfilling affect this? Dipstick shows it to be WAY over full. How much I can't tell.
Engine light is on. Transmission fluid looks like new - red and clean - no sign of debris. Don't have any idea of what kind of fluid is in there.
This is DIY only project. No shops or dealers, so exact and correct answers are needed and appreciated.
Took car to parts house and had them run their scanner. It returned the following codes:
P1491 - Emissions
P0705 - Range sensor circuit malfunction
P0706 - Transmission Circuit Range/Performance
These seem to indicate Neutral Safety Switch problem.
Swapped the old switch out for a new one. Set it to click (neutral) and installed with transmission in neutral. That took a couple of tries to get the gearshift lights to come back on.
Result was that it operated exactly like the old switch - no first gear, no matter if D4, D3, or 1st gear is selected. Info found, as well as diagnostic codes, all direct me to the Neutral Safety Switch.
Still have no first gear. How to get it to work is the question. First gear only works when the car is first started and the fluid is cold. Once warmed up it does not. No problems shifting between other gears once first is bypassed. Having to take off in second then shift to D3 and/or D4.
Can overfilling the fluid do this? Which solenoid can cause this?
Neutral Safety Switch does not look like it is the problem. Even though the error codes pointed to this part as the issue, replacing it with a new unit did not fix problem. Click stop is not audible. Can be felt when devices are rotated, but not heard. Car will not move until this click is set.
The car runs fine EXCEPT it has no first gear after initial warm up. It will only pull the first few minutes while the fluid is cold. Might this be the indicator of what the problem actually is? If it can pull with cold fluid, then the transmission itself is probably not bad.
Can overfilling the fluid do this?
Is it possible that a solenoid is the culprit? If so which solenoid(s) can cause this? Please post diagram. Only found one that had screens/filters. Cleaned it even though it was not dirty. When it was put back in, the car drove normally on first startup but the D4 light blinked. I restarted the car and the D4 light went out and so did first gear.
Fluid is healthy red.
Need information for this model with this exact problem. Did extensive searching on web for information on this without success. No info on having first gear only, not working.

Is also radio.all windows locks are not working

Acts like fuel pump not working

I am trying to replace the o ring where distributor goes into head, but cannot get it to come out. Have changed the distributor a few years ago, so I know how to do it. Remove the 2 bolts but it is just loose and won't come out. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I have replaced ignition switch, key cylinder, distributor and dist cap, soldered the main relay, but still have the problem. Seems like when the ac is turned on it stalls and wont' start