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When I go slower it groans more and when in park and turning the wheels it will groan too.
tachometer just quit working, needle does not move
If I put it back in gear it stops. Car drives fine, shifts fine does not do it at stop lights.
My 98 4 cylinder Honda Accord automatic gear shift has started getting locked in park position. My break lights are working. My breaks have started screeching off and on when I apply them. Sometimes I can unlock gear shift by pressing hard on breaks, and sometimes this does not work. Do you have any idea what is going on? Is this a common problem that Honda will fix at no charge?
Valve, map sensor, fuel pump an the engine still stalls out sometimesit has 305,000 miles
I make delivery so i have to turn on and off the car. My Honda runs great when I first start the car for the first 30 minutes or so. aFter a while, when I turn on to car it would start misfirng for about 30 second or more and return back to normal. Could this be cause by an egr valve.
Anti theft is engaged on my radio so how do I reset it so I can use it again?
I've been told by 2 garages that the subframe is rusted on my Honda. Is it worth replacing ? Can it be traded in like it is?
It's Leaking back center at Drive Shaft,It just started out of nowhere,i came out Gas station and noticed what was about a quart of trans.fluid puddling under was Leaking Heavy & i put 2 bottles of the 3n stop leak & it seme 2 Seal it but the transmission begin to slip going from stoped till about 20mph.i bought the Seal & Gaskit set at same time i got Freon for the A.C.& i dont no if the heat under the Hood caused it but It's back pouring out after i crank & it warms up but only when the Car is Running.. Is there another Seal were Torque converter runs into the Transmission? Thanks....
I just bought this car from my uncle..this car has been parked for almost a yr garage kept...he says he put a transmission with low mileage and a new clutch but when I drove it from NJ to PA it will kick is off 5th gear so I made it on 4th gear but today I was in a red light n when I put it on 1st it was stuck didn't want to go in 1st, so when I did get it on 1st it would go no where what does this means it is???
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