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Have new battery and the alternate is good
I have a check engine .I had a electronic diagnoses done on my vehicle. It indicated a EGR problem which was replaced. Check engine light came on 2 days later indicating Upstream oxygen sensor. The sensor was replaces and light came on 2 hours later. The car must go in for emission testing very soon before tags are suspended. Thank You
check engine light will remain on.
I recently had a rebuilt transmission put in? Fuses have blown and hve been replaced but the shifter won't go out of park?
well it started off with my starter giving out , bought a new one and replaced it. soon after i installed the new one the car started jerking eventually leading to it sitting in my driveway . it doesn't crank or start when i turn the key nothing happens but i am able to push start the car just fine everything else works fine , had the started tested passed 4 times. also check battery its good , relays ,fuses also good . i changed the ignition switch swell with no luck . anyone got any ideas?
My car won't pass the DEQ it keeps getting the code p0401. I changed the catalytic converter, EGR valve, and O2 rear sensor. I even cleaned the build up it had in the intake.
Relay on the green and yellow power source reading: 11.67 and green/white wire reads 11.77. Do you think that the fuel pump relay is defective?
I was told by Honda tech that replacing this will not help. However car still drives and shifts normally. What happens if I continue to drive with this code? Will the transmission seize up or stall? Would appreciate any advice on this problem
I have an 1998 honda accord 4 door, LX 4 cylinder. I need to get a radiator and a.c. condenser fan and radiator fan. I have been told there are different ones and that certain a.c. fans and radiator fans only fit certain ones. I have no idea which one I have, the only thing I know is the radiator and fans say they fit my vehicle. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Parts numbers, places to order (I'm looking on eBay.) Etc.
My vehicle info:
Model: Accord
Style / Body: LX 4DR Sedan FWD A4
Engine: 2.3L Gasoline I4
Vehicle Age: 18 years
Assembled In: United States
accelerates okay if you don t get down on it.but if you give it gas it will stall but engine is still idling.but wont run normally until i let up off gas.
It is 'cutting out' while driving. It does not do this at first. It excellerates okay as well. It is after you driven a while and your cruising say 40-65 mph. I have replaced distributor, ICM, throttle position sensor, air idle control valve, plug wires....
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