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ECG valve has been replaced 11 months ago,just isn't opening enough.

have to add water to often when i take off radiater cap i see no circulation in the water

what parts are needed for a 1998 honda accord ex v6 coupe

what does it mean when your d4 is flashing on the dashboard

the d4 light is flashing on the dash

What is the cost to replace rear struts on a 1998 Honda Accord

I just need to know the cost.

the vibration started after changing the front and rear engine seats.

is there an oil pump belt in 1998 onda accord 4 cyl

I was told my cat cost is $450 my labor $94 & my diagnostic charges $203. Can this be fair?

Every so often the engine will die for no reason. There is no sound or anything. I shift into neutral and start the car and keep going.

p0420 Cat Efficiency below threshold, p1706 manufacturer specific code, and p1456 manufacturer specific code are all in. Approximately how expensive are these problems? Thanks

Hey, I was working on my car today and was changing the spark plugs and found there was some oil in side the hole. I was wondering how much it would cost to fix the problem, to change cam cover gasket and o-rings.

I was able to replace the clock bulb, pretty easy. This bulb is behind the climate control center that is in the same housing above the CD/Radio.... with a fake wood faceplate. I can't find the way behind it and my hand will not fit through the clock slot. Should I be looking for the same tiny little bulb unit as the clock has? How do I find what I'm looking for??

I am going to replace the faulty Therma switch A for the cooling fan. It has been determined it is the problem, and I have the new part. Is there anything special I need to know when I pull the old one and put in the new one?