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clear codes engine lite goes out for about 1 second and repost code at same temp, disconnected sensor cleared codes same action about 1 second repost. the original engine over heated serverly ,replaced engine and trans together.possiable the ecm got damaged to overheating temp.
I ust bought car and replaced egr valve
The car is 5 speed manual trans. but gears shift smoothly. Has a funky burning greasy smell.
Pls i have Honda accord here 1998 model, VTEC engine, it developed a fault. for like a week now it has not been working smoothly, it works like the plugs are bad then we changed the plugs but still the same, the cylinder 1 is not working well but if you bring out the plugs they are very clean and bright, then we scann the car and get this code p0141,please i need your help on how to repir and fix it up to work the way it should be. Thanks pls am waiting to hear from you.
replace catalytic converter
I have over 226k miles, car runs great - but want to ensure I am using the right oil.
Why would it move up and down not front / back?
What are the check engine light codes for my accord.
The last 12 years this has happened twice, and was nothing more than scheduled oil change, this time that dosen't seem to be the case.
the cable for the hood came loose so now i can not open the hood
I have taken it to the mechanic and they told me it was the head casket instead of the main relay.
There is no noise from the front wheels. Every day I have to go over speed bumps no sign of trouble. I took my car in to
where I had purchased my tires they told me that the front was tight. The car has 95,000 miles. I purchased the car new.
It's been an excellent car.
You can still turn the key and start the ignition but I can't remove the key. Not sure why? Any help?
rear brake light do not work emergency light work and revers light work but braking light do not. side lights and the light above back seat does not work.
Vehicle will need perge valve and spooning valve
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