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both front cvc boots were torn in half for a long time as I continued to drive it. i couldn't afford to get the repairs done. I did, however, pack the bearings with bearing grease every week the whole time, even though a lot of it flew out everywhere. It clicked a little once & a while when I turned only, but not all the time. I finally took it in to get it fixed & the guy put a half axle shaft on the right side only & the driver's side is still the original axle & charged me $300. if a mechanic is suppose to replace the front axle that means both sides,right? I took it back to his shop & said,when do you plan on doing the other side? he said to leave it & i did, all day. When i picked it up, he was insisting i leave it so he could get a wheel alignment but i had told him prev i HAD to have my car that night. when i checked it the next day,i saw nothing was done! So what do you think i should say to him now after he lied to me twice & Can i drive around like that, with only 1 side done
Have a honda 98 sedan 4 cylinders since few days ago the car started giving me a hard time to start already replace the starter the ignition, ignition coil, nd it keep doing the same time and everytime I get it to start I cant past over 40mph cause it will start like losin oxygen every time I try to start the car it sound like it doesn't have oxygen nd I already replace the air filter I dont know what else to do can someone help me ?
Hi I need help my 98 Honda Accord died on me and it won't start anymore they checked it and said everything seems to be working right is it possible for the problem to be the key I was told it needs to program again
I’ve recently had to get a couple jumps in the past week on my 98 accord. When the cables are hooked to the battery and I proceed to crank it up it makes a terrible grinding sound for a couple seconds. I have noticed the interior lights will get dim and go in and out. Please help
Sometimes it shifts fine but mostly bad shifts from 1st to 2nd (hard shifts) I have checked everything lock up syliniods speed sensors shift syliniods even ran the ones off the old tranny. motor mounts appear to be fine did I do something wrong with the shift cable maybe or can u think of anywhere I went wrong I flushed the fluid 3 times
i was driving today and i noticed smoke coming out from my cars Hood so I pulled over and pop the hood open and I noticed that my radiator hose was disconnected from one side my question is what should I do and will my car be damaged forever
I have a Honda Accord 1998 and have issues with the gear shifter and the car not wanting to start. It almost seems as if the battery is dead and I've even called for roadside assistance and had the car miraculously start. Its happened a few times and I realize I have to jiggle the gear shift to get the car to start and it almost seems as if it is stuck somehow. It has happened a few times and I don't know what the issue is and it is now happening more frequently. Can someone advise me what the issue is and how to fix it?
The noise has gotten very loud. Sounds like a very loud old boat sound. The wheel has vibrations when I travel at 30 mph and slow down
Intion switch is this true
Headlights and break lights start flashing when car door opens and continues flashing even when driving
key stuck in ignition - but shifter button is missing as well
Other then that trans works normally
This is a rare problem
The "INT" windshield wiper setting does not work. The "I" and "II" modes do work. When I go to clean the windshield by pulling the switch on the steering column towards me, it sprays the fluid but doesn't wipe it. It used to work, but recently stopped (about 2 months ago). Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
car skips and want crank sometimes changed plugs twice ran good for two days then would not crank
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