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Also there was what sounded like scratching when going from drive to reverse.

lots of oil coming around the oil filter, but it is tight. also the oil pan. is there something above that is leaking i cant see?
Fan blower makes funny noise, blows slower (have to increase speed to get same airflow at lower speed a year ago) and AC/defrost weak. A year ago, blower ran smoothly, AC and Defrost worked fine. Is this an issue with the fan blower, a fuse or something else. Any idea? Thanks much!
Both a and b r going out,u have to manually shift but would it cause the motor to loose power like it's a dirty fuel filter or clogged catalytic converter maybe? V tech is not firing correctly either could that be the issue? Do I need to buy plugs n wires or Wat. ...someone shoot me some ideas of way they considered could be causing the stall in my power while driving it goes from normal acceleration to having to put acceleration to the floor. For the car to continue running and keep speed
Diagnostic codes read was po401 po753 po758 po720 po715
Fill it up every time I drive it. Go a mile down the road and park car. Go to leave and car is low at least one cup of water but there's never any water on the ground
Car was stolen. They stoled catalyc and cut wires to the downstream o2 sensor. We replaced parts. Denso o2. New cstalyc.Check ligt stays on. po141 is the only code yet sensor is new
My car is honda accord 1997.. Its auto car having gear problem..D4 gear is not working well...then the car speed is not fast now..sometimes the car is stop during the running time..i need help..please suggest me
I recently had my rotors done and the guy said within the next 4-5 months I'd need to replace the wheel barrings but every since he did the rotors I hear this click when I go from drive to reverse, and I just had the tranny replaced 2 months ago????
Do did the mechanic bang something while replacing both axles and knock loose a seal?
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