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When the Engine heats up to normal level and you turn off the engine for longer then 4+ mins, it will not start again until Engine is cool again(blue area on temp gauge). What is the cause and how to fix it?

So my Honda accord starts, but sputters. Most days it starts and stays idling at 1000 rpm for a while then starts to sputter and bring the rpm down. Sometimes it tries to start, goes up to about 200 rpm and dies. I have to try a couple of times to get it started. Only way I can is if I have the accelerator fully pressed while I crank the car so that it can rev up. If not itll just sputter and die. When I drive most times its fine but some days it sputters like if there's some type of misfire. When I get to a stop I have to keep a foot on the gas and the other on the brake to keep it on or itll die on me. Please help...

The CV axle is bad on my 1990 Honda and I just got some parts off. A 1997 Honda. Was wanting to know if they were compatable

Cannot find this anywhere. He dais it is okay to no t repair just turn off light, no symptoms as yet. Your suggestion? Thanks.

My son while avoiding a deer swerved hit side curve it blew the tire , bent the rim a little, but the tire is bent in.

Also there was what sounded like scratching when going from drive to reverse.

lots of oil coming around the oil filter, but it is tight. also the oil pan. is there something above that is leaking i cant see?