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About 3,000 miles ago the service shopsaid the "right side steering rack is torn. Evidence of leakage from steering rack assembly and slight oil pan leakage". It was not severe so I postponed looking into it until now when I'm due for my next oil change. I don't know if the rack should be replaced or what until I take the car in for another look. Any advice welcomed. I have put a lot of money into this car in the past 12 months and love the car but don't want to be a constant repair junkie.
how to repair 1997 2.7 v6 oil stand gasket
i changed the wiring harnesson my honda. now i have no power at all. n9ow im clueless where to start to look
How much just for the rear ball bearing?
My Air con, windows, radio, wipers have stopped working.
how do you remove the brake rotor from a 1997 accord?
I took it to get an oil change and the men showed me it was low on transmission fluid. I knew my car has been shifting funny so I let them flush it. It was working fine until today it wouldn't shift around 20 mph. I stopped and put it in park then back in to gear but it wouldn't shift into gear so I turned it off for a minute then turned it back on and it started working for about 10 more minutes. After a couple more stops it acted up around 20 mph. again. It has 180,000 miles so it won't surprise me if I will need to get another transmission.
How is it to get struts fix
left front brake is leaking fluid have 201,800 miles on car
How much does it cost to replace hood release cable in a 97 Honda Accord?
My cars heater would not warm up the car this morning and I noticed the car was pegged hot by the guage. I put water in the radiator because it was bone dry. I then had heat and right now, its currently not overheating?Is there a bigger underlying problem??
So, all windows were down and the sunroof open during the day. Went out that evening to close her up, and the sunroof, drivers front, and passenger rear window would not close. Other two windows go up and down fine. Fuse looks fine. Replaced master window switch with a new part and no change. ???????
My 1997 Honda Accord has 181,000 mi. I bought it w/165,000, 6 months ago. I've changed the oil every 5000 or so. I've noticed that on occasions, when I start it up in the morning, that it smokes (white, cloudy) until it warms up. The remainder of the day is smoke-free, usually. Oil weepage in the combustion chamber or coolant burning, I'm not sure what it is, exactly. Incidently, I do find it necessary to add a quart or two of oil (5-30, synthetic)between oil changes. I assumed this is normal with a high mileage car, due to worn rings, blow-by, etc. Could this be the case? Or is this indicative of another, more major problem? If you were me, hoe would you investigate or trouble shoot or is this just normal on an older Honda Accord?
Had high pressure power steering hose replacecd. They got power steering fluid on the torque converter. Looked like a radiator over heating mist when engine stopped.
I need to know how to change my transmission filter and how much fluid it takes to refill it.
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