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recently the car has been not starting i put key in it turns and all the lights radio etc come on then i go to start it and nothing happens. if i turn key over or apply a different amount of pressuer it starts sometimes it fires right up what could be causing this. It just stareted doing it. at first i thought battery then starter but it has something to do with the key and the ignition
I just have a short in the wiring system in there and I need to know where they go and just in case I get something mixed up or confused? Thank you
Recently my battery needed to be replaced. I went to the auto store and got a new battery. Connected it to my car and realized that the pole were switched and I connected the wrong poles. Now that I replaced that battery with the correct one no lights come on in my car.
First time
Filled tank 3 days ago and have driven every day - guage has not moved.
Whenever the ball joint on the driver side front tire breaks.
all the bolts are off, i removed the bolts off the shroud, pulled, tugged twisted and can not get to un hook from that cover or move around the cover, how is the world does this thing come off???
I was driving home one day on the highway. When i was approaching traffic i pressed in the clutch to downshift the car cut off. I pull over and the cars starts again. I go on about half a mile and i hear a slight clunk and it cut off again. When i pulled over and tried to start it it sounded like a power drill running. I get it towed did my research and it seemed like the timing. I checked the distributor rotor it didn't rotate but my camshaft is moving. The car has a f22b2 which is an interference engine.
Full tank of gas and low fuel sensor comes on going off at intervals during usage also gas gauge reads full after fill up but then drops off very quickly till it reads empty when there is still half a tank of gas
Car died,cranks but no start,oil in plugs,no spark after cleaned oil & no wipers or turn signals.
My car will go in drive but not reverse need to know what it is so I can fix it.
I changed transmission and a few sensors but it still doing it what sensor do I need
Engine its hot and fan doesn't kick on.
It cuts off while I'm driving it smells like gas when I turn the switch to crank it up it want crank and makes this loud noise I will have to hit the gas to Start it up sometimes it still want start when I hit gas

97 accord lx 2.2L 4cyl non v-Tec.
I had just got my alternator bushings new. My battery light on my dash flickers, the temperature gauge bounces up during and before that occurs. The power surges and just earlier, I had no power pressing on the gas. I have no idea what it could be.
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