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I changed the water pump and it drove good for two days. Then drove 2 miles, got got, the coolant blew somewhere under the distributor. Notice oil, opened distributor cap and oil coming from inside and took the plug words off and a lot of oil is coming from the spark plug. I think head gasket but maybe just manifold gasket. Not 100%. Do you think you have an idea ? I quit driving as soon as it happened so I don't think the block blew but I also pretty sure the coolant came right under the distributor where a hose Connects
at the stoplight, I had it in drive and it did not want to take off, now I'm not for sure if it is the transmission or a sensor.
Had no problems before this on starting my car. Also checked plugs and wires
what is the foot torque used when changing head gasket
Head frequency when putting a head gasket back on
On putting key in ignition, and starting the car, I note that it will start only after I get an green light indication on "D" gear on the dashboard's display panel.

Sometimes, it takes 5 to 10 minutes after putting the key in the ignition, for the light to come up, and the car will start only after the light starts. Sometimes it starts within a minute. There seems to be delay in the startup from the computer. Any idea whats wrong and it's solution ?
I turn key all the way and nothing. No sounds. No dash lights. With key in on position I get no radio, no heat/ac, no power to roll windows up or close sunroof! But my headlights are working as well as dome lights and circular ring around key insert. That's it. Replaced, ignition switch and main relay and nothing. Fuses are good. But why wouldn't I not get power to my dash or other electrical components when ignition is in on position? Please help
I changed the fuel pump and fuel filter but my car will not remain running, it turns over and shuts off. I used starter fluid and the vehicle ran for almost a second but then shut off! Any ideals would be much appreciated.
piece that holds the harmonic balancer on tight so you can turn it but lefty lucy don't seem to be working ive broke three socket wrenches
Car starts after 2 attempts, once started car runs fine for approx. 15 mins. longer on cold days. then it looses power and surgres. will not completely die but comes close. dealership says pcm is bad. dont wanna pay $600 to replace is if flashing it is not neccessary i can do it myself
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