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the a/c blows out hot air in the summer months , the heat blows cold in the winter months as if temp is controlled by weather condition . Also , the defrost system appears not to work properly during increment weather (snow rain etc.) windows become foggy .
When the engine gets hot such as driving with a/c in 100 degree weather the starter won't crank till engine cools down. Also when frequent start/stop. Think it is a solenoid, but where is it located?
codes show cylinder 2 and 4 misfire. changed plugs and wires. still show codes.
my 1996 honda accord, was just recharged yesterday, and was blowing cold air for the entire day, This morning, however, its blowing warm air.. I took it to a mechanic, but they stated cannot find a leak. Please help?
Check engine light came on at the same time my speedometer stopped working? Do I have a dash board problem?
air bag lite is mostly off

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Car has about 300,000 miles. Engine replaced ~120,000 miles ago, rebuilt transmission about 70,000 miles ago. New radiator last summer, and had to replace starter about 2 months ago. A few months ago oil light came on, check engine light yellow, not overheating. Mechanic says its engine wear, not holding oil pressure, and that engine needs to be replaced... but suggests its time to get a new car. What's the average cost of a new engine and labor costs to replace it? Is it worth it?
My fourth gear has stopped working. The light on the dash is blinking. I had to put the car in manual drive. How can I get the car back into auto again?
no power at the ac clutch fuse inside car # 8 on the panel
i am trying to fix wiring on a 96 honda accord
left side fan not turning
need to know how to remove timing belt in order to get tot the head
I changed the battery in my 1996 honda accord, and now it only blows hot air from ac. Where is the reset button located and how does it work ?
a/c wont blow cold only slightly cool compressor comes on had system evaced and replaced a/c dryer then had recharged still same time of recharge said no leaks any ideas
I just changed all of the brake pads earlier this yr and the master cylinder this yr and know my brake light is on its not as red as it is when you put the e-break on and yesterday I checked the brake fluid and is was half way down does any know what this could be?
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