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The car was running fine until yesterday. Now it won't start or even turn over. When I turn the key Ihear a single 'electronic sounding' click. I checked all the fuses and they are ok. Any ideas?
My husband and I bought a 96 Honda Accord yesterday and we got in it after we bought it and the window doesn't go up or down you can hear that the motor is trying to put it up and down but it is not letting it go up or down can someone help me figure out what it is and what we can do to fix it because we need the window to be able to put it up and down. Please someone help me!!!
Ther is a roaring noise while driving down the road sound like it comes from the tires the faster you go the louder it gets. I Front right and left axles have already been replaces. It sounds kinda like a 4 wheel drive going down the road.
ac air flow at the vents is very low and at red lights it gets hot at night its cold but during the day its very hot replaced the ac compressor
my start making a creaking noise at the front around the passenger side wheel, i think it could be part of the suspension
my car just started mis firing and now my check engine light came on what is causing this? And my speedometer quit working and my mileage doesnt either Thank you for your time
My car vibrates when engine is running and car stopped. Looked under the hood and my front motor mount is hitting metal to metal. Please advice.
i installed the rack and now all it will do is rotate on its own with force
I had a crack in my radiator so i replaced the radiator with a brand new one The car is still over heating when the car is sitting still it starts to idle funny like it revs up and the down and then up and then down continuously til it over heats.
How often to replace--- If it breaks what damage
i have the f22b1 model engine and it does not start but i see the number 2 cylinder spark plug gets burn marks as if a fire is lit but not an explosion from cylinder compression
How do I know how much it should cost to change the front brakes & bearings? It isn't listed here.
looking for how long it takes to replace steering rack assembly
I lost the keys to my 96 honda accord. I had 2 keys, One that opened the doors/trunk and one ignition only key (small round black rubber cover). They were both honda keys. The honda dealership told me there is only one master key for that model/vin# and it should work for everything. Not in my car! just as I thought, it only worked in the door. I talked to two of the previous owners. The owner before me(a good friend)was able to get a replacement ignition key a few years ago and the mechanism has not been changed since. Where should I go from here? At this point I feel I am damned to replace the whole lock and key mechinism but it is costly. is this somthing I can do myself? Please Help!
What kind of oil is used for the manual gearbox ?
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