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I've done all the usual fixes including complete tune-up cap rotor plugs wires I even put in new injectors. I had a spare ECU so I put that in I did a vacuum leak test on the intake with water could not find any. Compression is good. Valves are ok. What else could it possibly be? The car is an EX model. I don't know if that makes a difference or not on what it could be? Thanks for any advice or input you could help me with.
I just got a brand new engine, and I want it to show it is there a way to rest the miles?
The fan on the climate control won’t turn on in any speeds & the ac isn’t working either what could it be ?
My hoses have no holes in them and the clamps are good...the leak is coming from the inside...the seals are worn so I'm going to change them but I can't figure out which direction (from looking at the video) the guy is taking the bolt off and I've watched at least three times
My battery is good, but clickit will not start good but Clerks
Car died when took off from stop light. Now car won't start. Put new battery, still nothing, tried jump start it and nothing. Right before car died it was sputtering when I take off from complete stop and go again
Please help
How do I correct this code?
The brake light on the console stays on even after releasing the hand brake.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? 1 day
I just replaced my axles with brand new ones and my car is still stuck in two gears when it rolled down the hill to the parking spot I'm in it was jumping like a bad axle acts like I don't have a cable hooked up to my shift handle but I can push my clutch in and it'll roll easy I let out on the clutch and it bogs down and shuts off like I stalled it what do I do I'm in a motel parking lot and they are already want me out of their parking lot is there a quick fix to drive this home
Exhaust broke off under the driver seat. Looking for a price quote for part and labor.
My back brake plates rusted out,I was told Honda does not make parts anymore for that year so my car has to be junked.This car runs great and I don't want to junk it,I need help the car only has 81000 miles
After it cools off runs great for 5 mins then same s### .help !!put plugs ,wires,ect.
Istarts out blowing blowing warm air after about a half hour it blows cold air until the next day
car makes squeeking noise when you turn steering wheel
could timing belt cause the engine to sound bad
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