1995 Honda Accord Questions

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and I tightened the alternator belt... what else could it be? Please help

Fuse box and having to re-wire ALL those wires by hand? I have a 1995 Honda Accord


It was the ECU ...blew one of the diodes clean off the board . Opened it up and soot and black stuff everywhere and wow what a smell . Second hand ECU and he's off cruising the highways again ...yee ha

No idea where the bracket came from. U shaped bracket with single bolt hole that looks like it holds a hose or a cable

Check engine light stays on also.

it will start back up after it cools or sits for a while what can be the problem?

Car wouldnt start out of no where now i was told i need another engine not getting any compression they say please help

I replaced the battery,alternator,radiator,and thermostat,and fan.It was broken into and they replaced the whole steering column.It runs hot while driving and when I drive it for a few It will not start back up. Help

anyone who can help it will be greatly appreciated

If ur speep omiter stops working as ur driving will that make the d4 light start. To flash

My daughter just called me, she's 50 miles from home and she thinks her power steering is gone. Is it safe for her to drive it home?

Gears into 2nd 3rd 4th n 5th something is keepin it stuck in first gear what's the problem

Is there left or right side boot

was told that their are two lower arms that will cost $120 each to replace