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on alldata this calls for the removal of the drive plate cover and I can not find anything on how to remove this or what it is if I can figure that out the job should not be to difficult just not to sure what a drive plate cover is
Car ran fine except for one time for a couple minutes 2 months ago. It is continually running rough now.
Happens intermittently and usually under acceleration.
How to test eger valve and ignition output signal
all the lights work we had it hooked up to another car just case the battery. Was weak CD player works door locks are not working but I just don't know please help me !!!!!
The other day my car runs giod no problems I got on the freeway then all of a suddon the engine light came on and no power I pull over turn over starts and then shuts down tried several time same thing . So I get towed next day starts right up drive it around the block a couple times seems ok I dtive about a 5 :miles same thing engine stalls out I crank it over it starts drive a little
dies out check the distributor that's good check the alternater
The ignition. Was taken out of the steering column and now car won't start.
I gave a 1995 Honda accord LX coupe 2d. I drove it yesterday an it ran fine. I get in it those morning an it will not start. I have no dash lights, radio. My interior lights work though. What am I missing.
I was driving home the other day and I noticed a puff of smoke come from under the hood, then all the lights on my dash died. Temp guage, Tachometer, fuel guage, and also my power windows went out. I was in traffic, and couldn't pull over to investigate, but the car didn't die on me. Later, I checked the fuses and found one blown for the car lighter. I replaced it anyway, but that didn't help my problem. I've been driving like this for 3 days, bought the Haynes manual for my model,but this issue isn't addressed in the manual. Can anyone give me an idea of what this might be?... I don't have the money for a professional mechanic.
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