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I put another distributor, ignition switch and still having problems. What could it be...
When the car was used regularly, while driving on the freeway, occasionally the tachometer would bounce around from 5K RPM to 0 and then stay at 0, even though the car was running fine. Eventually, the tachometer would return to normal operation.

Last year the car would fire and run for about 2 minutes then die. Then the car would fire and run for about 30 seconds, then die. Then the car may fire one more time for about 5 seconds, then die. I had the car towed to the house, where it has sat.

Last week after replacing the battery, the car fired right up, but died after about 2 minutes. Then the car fired and ran for about 30 seconds then died. After the engine stopped, the CEL was on and about 10 seconds later the D4 light began flashing repeatedly.

I turned off the key, waited about 10 seconds, then turned the key to position II. The CEL stayed on; I never heard the fuel pump relay engage; about 10 seconds after turning the key the D4 began flashing repeatedly again. The car will turn over at this point, but will not fire. The main relay and ignition coil have been replaced.
After it cool it will start for a few mins then stall again.
we have to replace the water pump and and I need to know were the mark are for the timeing belt
The car has been taken care of an just has 189,000 mfiles.The catalyst convertor has been removed an problem remains.Any help would be appreciated..
Transmission pulls a hill a little slow sometimes
Can't pass emissions
there is a popping sound on passenger side of car near the wheel when I from 40 to 50 mph.
Right before this happened, tac and speedometer would drop to almost zero with no loss of rpm or speed. This happened several times. Next morning, engine would fire but would fire but then die.
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