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My car starts shaking when i get between 60-68 mph and smooths out at 70. I have not gotten the same diagnose twise out of three shops. Any ideas so that i can approach the mechanic with?
the speedometer doesn't read speed, gas meter doesn't work, thermostat doesn't work, service lights don't work either.
dimmer needs to be replaced but I'm wanting to just connect the wires behind the switch since I never use the dimmer anyway.There are 2 red wires and 1 black wire.How would I go about connecting them.
What color is the brake fluid. The mechanic told me I need a new master cylinder and I have seen some fluid on my driveway so if is leaking what color do you think it could be?
What causes problem?
well i started my cat this morning and it would not shut off even after i pulled the key out everything still had power so i took my battery out does any know what it could be???
Last night when i was driving my car just shut off and wld not start. The battery light will not go off. It sounds like it wants to start. All lights radio n evrythng else works just won't start. Also has a brand new battery.What is the problem and how much wld it cost to fix?
it snowed like crazy in nyc 12/26/10 and the plastic peace that runs across the bottom of my engine, that i assume protects the engine slit in too.
My son hit a curb and set off the passenger and driver airbags? I need to find out how much it costs to replace them?
So, Im looking to buy a vehicle. Its a 1995 Honda Accord LX. There are a few issues which are being resolved, but I keep getting different answers. HOW is an oil pan gasket changed in that Honda? Does the ENTIRE engine HAVE to come out? Or the ENTIRE suspension? Also, he said the "fuel bobber" may need to be adjusted...What is THAT about? I cant get ONE straight answer from shops so, Im hoping I can from you!!!Thanks for your time and for reading this!!!Hope to hear from someone soon:)
how can i fix my engine light
found fuse box under hood ..but no (key/legend) to refer to
my oil light wont stop flashing, and i just had an oil change done
The brakes feel spongy, sinking to the floor when applied. Pumping brakes slowly helps some. No change in brake fluid level. No noise from brakes. When stopped at a light, brake pedal slowly sinks further unless pumped. Help!
my car stall while in drive
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