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thermostat gauge just rises to hot quickly once on the road. if I go downhill without gas, it cools down. if I turn the heat on full blast, it also cools down a bit . had all my fluids checked, etc. all seem good.
Thanks casey40510 for your very useful answers. what is the purpose of the smoke test or why do you perform a smoke test? I just stumbled on another observation, when i try starting the car in the mornings the car will crank but wont start (meanwhile i have fixed the cold start sensor). When I pulled the ecu and exposed it to warm heat by placing it in the sun for about 10 mins and fixing it back, the car will crank and start perfectly well, pulsating voltage returns to the injectors and open up the nozzles for rich squirting of fuel into the cylinders. I think something is wrong with the ecu and please what is it? I want to attempt to fix the ecu instead of jumping at buying another ecu. What component is faulty in the ecu? Can you help?
Honda Accord Ex 1995 model. Tests done include: Fuel pump is working, there is fuel pressure, there are good sparks at the plugs, main relay test shows its okay, ignition key contacts were cleaned & found to be okay. injectors nozzles are okay resistance test was 2.6 ohms. All fuses & their contacts were checked. but the black/red lead to the injector nozzles looses power when the the car cranks. When the injectors nozzles were checked for sprays when the car cranks outside the cylinder there were very tiny spray not enough to spark off. what might be the cause or the problem. Thanks
Was driving uphills this afternoon, and noticed that temperature gauge rising at the top of the mountain and immediately pulled over.

Water reservoir was boiling and coolant level dropped to minimum, I could see the coolant leaking at the bottom of the car, however coolant in radiator still remained full.

Would that be a cause by poor radiator cap or thermostat problem?

*This was the second time car overheating*
i have a 96 honda accord lx, just had plugs replaced, now i have no power. need advice
I tried ecu and main relay distributor coil and still won't crank
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
After running a few minutes, the engine cuts off but it will restart almost immediately. The longer it runs, the longer it takes to restart.
Car sat for 4 yrs started occasionally ,battry ok spark ok fuel at sending unit seemed starts then dies..restart, no go ,unyil next day...dame thing
I was driving going around 50- 60 suddenly i noticed my car lost speed i pressed on the gas but wouldnt go it just made the motor sound as it sounds like when its on neutral n you press on the gas, i pulled over popped the hood but i didnt smell or see anything unsusual. Think it needs fluid ? Por the transmisión blew out? Any help?? :-(
As I try to start it you know he goes into the start position and as I Let Go it goes past the power point you know the second part of the ignition I was wondering can I take it apart and tightened up you just make it so it locks in the right position
While driving, sometimes D4 will be flashing and the odometer does not record speed - sometimes the check engine light comes on. The car runs OK
Teuila 1995 Honda in Oakley California
The speedometer stops reading my speed and the light starts flashing. The engine doesn't seem to be affected, but my electrical system seems off now.
car wont start,due to starter not activating
I 've never changed it since getting the car, about 5 years ago.
I hear a loud squeak when I break.
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