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When i turn the headlights on the dash lights cut out and there is no turn signal
came on when center mount bulb failed. replaced correct bulb. all lights appear to work but warning will not go out. When starting car . The light below doors a jar light come on and go off. Step on brake pedal and the bulb failure warning comes on and stays on.
my window will not close in a 84 Honda accord will open but not close can I close it manual
I thought it was odd drive 4 FLASHES now that the tach isn't working. I'm driving this car forever.. My dad thought he wore it out...
How long have you had this problem? Today
i changed the combo switch on the column the signal relay and the hazard switch the hazards work but not the turn signals
replace distributor, ignition switch, fuel pump sensor. some days hear fuel pump kick in some days no fuel pump initiation
Both cars are manual 5 speed ! An my son has a 2000 honda civic an I have bad safety switch on the clutch an was wondering if I can put the switch from his civic
Vin # Jhmcd5548rc022400 idk what trassmission it has so i can get the right weight and type of gear oil manual trassmission
I usually will drive like a few miles and it'll rev but not accelerate, then I turn the car off and it will not mess up for another few miles.
Iv done a oil change and the next day pretty much all the oil was gone and looked a little milky or watery. Plus white smoke comes out of the exhaust when I crank it but usually stops after a couple minutes . Not sure if there is a oil leak or it's just burning threw the oil way to fast. I have to constantly add oil everyday. Plus I can smell a faint burning smell inside the car when I drive it. The car had about 240,000 plus miles
It for a brief second try's to start then just turns over
When driving to work
Have always been on the interstate hwy when it would happen so fare
only about once every week or 2
1994 Honda accord ex is slipping from second to third gear..Just changed the fluid. Now it won't shift into gears at all.. My d4 light is not blinking...
Car was fine until I drove in the steep Santa Cruz mountains. D4 light started flashing engine light came on .
Speedometer started jumping.
As soon as I got back to straight road only D4 flashes.
My '94 Honda Accord Vtec is having trouble starting. When it does start, it struggles to hold an idle and constantly dies. It started doing this about a month ago, though the problem recently got worse. When the car does hold an idle and is driven, the car will die while in motion and I have to keep starting the car. The ignition key seems to be loose in some way, the key will fall out while driving.
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