1993 Honda Accord Questions

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my honda accord starts but stalls out at times
EX model with 219k mileage
Is there anyway to get my radio's serial number other than removing it from the dashboard? Is there a universal code (backdoor) to get my radio working again? The silence is killing me !!
My battery died and I can't find the radio security code. Is there an universal code or where can I retrieve my code?
I let my car over heat badly one day. car died on me and now i can not start it. It has spark, I can see fuel spraying out of the spark plug well when one is removed. distributor timing looks like it is on. I have not checked the compression or fuel pressure but I do see fuel coming from the cylinder and fuel sprays from service bolt on fuel rail. cranks sounds good but it dosnt want to catch. pgm-fi gives all clicks so I would assume it works. Im running out of ideas
i replaced the upper radatior hose know my fans will not work what is the problem
where is the low side service port located 1993 honda accord
car idles great in park. idle drops to about 4 or 500 rpm in gear. what could be the problem. Im lost.
trying to figure out why I have no power at the ac compressor? May possibly be the ac switch on dash? not sure.
where is the ac low pressure port located in the 1993 honda accord ex?
How do I change my alternater belt on my 1993 Honda accord?
the brake light bulb went out on the passenger side/replaced it/turn signal blinking lights don't work now/brake light works on left side not the right/the third brake light won't turn on/the hazard lights work/what happened?
what is the most feasible resolution to my problem cause i gotta go to work buy still buy kids school clothes and i don"t have a lot of money to expend just right now....
Is there any way to adjust the clutch pedal? There is about an inch or more of play before clutch engages. Is this normal or can it be adjusted?
i broke one of the bolts off of the valve cover one of the bolts that holds it down what is the bolt called
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